and thus expands its product portfolio in growing markets

Benninger AG acquires 100% of LAB-PRO GmbH with retroactive
effect to 1 January 2020

Benninger is the world’s leading manufacturer of technologically advanced textile finishing and tire cord machinery for the global textile, tire and conveyor belt manufacturing markets. Benninger offers complete solutions for all major textile finishing processes, with a special expertise in the field of continuous open width processing of woven, knitted and technical textiles with minimum resource consumption.

LAB-PRO GmbH was founded in 2003 by Thomas Widmer and Thomas Gerhard. With their excellent market and product knowledge, they have succeeded in building up a complete range of world-leading technological products for discontinuous wet finishing within 17 years. Especially the jet dyeing machines
and jiggers from LAB-PRO are known for having the lowest water and energy consumption and lowest fabric elongation compared to competitors’ machines.

FabricMaster – Worldwide lowest liquor ratio for hydrodynamic Jets

The Benninger portfolio will be extended by technologically advanced discontinuous dyeing machines such as Jet and Jigger dyeing machines as well as Beam dyeing and laboratory dyeing apparatus. Fully automatic chemical, salt, soda or dye dosing systems, which ensure the highest accuracy and reproducibility, complete the portfolio.

By combining the know-how and experience of both companies, Benninger becomes the leading sys-tem supplier in the field of continuous and now also discontinuous dyeing and finishing technology.

By using Benninger’s worldwide sales, service and production network, LAB-PRO will be able to in-crease its market presence. The integration of LAB-PRO’s experience in discontinuous dyeing technol-ogy leads to a further strengthening of Benninger as a total solution provider. With the leading products FabricMaster (Jet), JigMaster (Jigger) and BeamMaster (HT Beam dyeing ) Benninger strengthens its strategy as a partner for all customers in the premium segment of the wet finishing industry. Mr. Wid-mer and Mr. Gerhard will continue to lead the company LAB-PRO as managing directors.

The Benninger AG is 100% owned by Jakob Müller Holding AG (JMH) and is a sister company of Jakob Müller AG in Frick (JMF).

JMF and its subsidiaries are exclusively active in the field of narrow textile machines. JMF is the world market leader in this sector with production sites in Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, India and China and sales companies in all major textile markets. ,