On the occasion of the 90th year since its birth, Bemberg™ invests in the artistic spirit of Daniele Basso to create a work of art able to convey the values that characterize its fiber from the “craftsmanship elegance” through an innovative language.

According to the creative and strategic vision of the Italian artist – known for the symbolic works in sustainable steel developed for major companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Andrea Bocelli, Ferrari Rossocorsa and Mila Schon – sculptures can become a concrete expression of the entrepreneurial dream, of the culture and values of excellence that companies express in their own unique history and that they represent for the Community and the Territory that hosts them.

All of this is reflected in the work commissioned by Bemberg™, where the history of the Japanese brand takes concrete shape in a blue spiral, able to express both the company’s adaptive nature to contemporary times through energy and proactivity, and its ability to build a new, harmonious visual identity. Moreover, the intertwining of the threads emphasizes the synergies and collaborations that lead Bemberg™ to constantly move towards new opportunities.

“As in a dance,” explains the artist, “the two souls, one male and one female, of Bemberg™ intertwine in a turn that is at once elegant, vibrant and sensual… Syntony and complicity of a relationship whose protagonist is movement and change. Unique, true and powerful creative and constant energy of life.”

“We are extremely grateful and satisfied with the creative and communicative synergy with Daniele Basso.” Affirms Koji Hamada, CEO of Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia. “Thanks to his translation of the values and heritage of Bemberg™ into sculpture, art becomes a symbol of corporate identity that allows to acquire value in the eyes of all stakeholders and social solidity in the market.”

Through this collaboration, art becomes a strategic tool to communicate and build value, but also to thank the system and the relationships that support it. In fact, the piece will be donated to the mayor of Gallarate, where the headquarters of Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia currently reside.