Bellegprom, the light industry concern of the Belarusian ministry of light industry, has unveiled a five-year light industry development plan. The plan for 2021-25 includes setting up a vertically-integrated linen holding company in Belaurs, introduction of robotic systems in the country’s light industry, and increasing production of polyester fabrics.

“During this five-year period, we will focus on increasing the processing depth of flax and leather – this is seen as a growth point for the light industry. The document also stipulates construction and commissioning of new production facilities, introduction of robotic hardware and software, and creation of a vertically-integrated linen holding company in the future,” Belarusian news agency said quoting the press service of Bellegprom.

The plan also includes expansion of the production of polyester fabrics, as well as improving cooperation and specialisation in the light industry, which pertains to materials like low-grade flax fibre, yarn, flax cotton, composite thermal insulation materials, and nonwoven textile materials.

Set up in 1992 by the ministry of light industry, Bellegprom includes 94 industrial enterprises that are into manufacturing of textile, weaving, fabric making, leather, footwear, fur and porcelain-china.