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“Be a Green Hero (BGH)”

Published: February 21, 2024

Montreal – February 20, 2024:  

The Montreal-based non-profit organization, Clean Recycling Initiative™, announced today the  launch of an important sustainability campaign, titled as “Be a Green Hero (BGH)”. The  campaign is designed to raise awareness on the dangers of wrongful claims, actions and  movements relating to some of the critical sustainability claims, actions and movements  currently made around the globe. With this goal, the BGH campaign comprises of important  action plans for educating the public with science-based information from all possible aspects.  The campaign will be kicked off with a webinar, titled as “Misinformation Crisis on  Sustainability and ESG” and it is scheduled on February 28th, 2024, at 2:00pm (EST) – webinar link available in this document

“The public is widely misunderstanding the important aspects of many sustainability claims. In  order to battle the environmental issues we face today in the most efficient and effective manner,  we must understand relevant scientific facts from all possible aspects to accurately evaluate  overall impacts”, says Sae Chang, President and CEO of Clean Recycling Initiative™ (NON PROFIT) and the inspiration behind the campaign. “In particular, I have witnessed many claims  and actions based on biased and inaccurate information with significant lack of expertise. I am  afraid that these actions can lead to grave consequences in so many different aspects of our  lives”, Sae continued. “What we are trying to achieve in this BGH campaign is in line with the  efforts my organization, Clean Recycling Initiative™ (NON-PROFIT), has been making through  the annual International Sustainability Marketing Competition (ISMC). That is to educate the  public with unbiased information and scientific facts from all possible angles to raise awareness  on the dangers of some of the activities under the name of sustainability”.  

All the activities and information for the BGH campaign are open to the public, including the  webinar attendance, presentation decks and recordings at no cost. The webinar on  “Misinformation Crisis on Sustainability and ESG” can be accessed using the following link on  February 28th, 2024, at 2:00pm (EST) –

For more information on this event or the BGH campaign, please contact  

About Clean Recycling Initiative™  

The non-profit organization, Clean Recycling Initiative™ was established based on the donations of the  technology platform with the same name, i.e., Clean Recycling Initiative™, from a Montreal, Canada  based company, HEAT-MX™, which specializes in thermal insulation business. The organization  engages in providing solutions for recycling textile wastes without using chemicals or any other harmful  processes for the environment. The solutions are designed for collecting and processing textile wastes  from the general public as well as organizations in global textile industries in a wide range of operational  categories, including manufacturing, transportation, distribution, retail, wholesale, etc. The technology  platform consists of three different levels, defined based on the sources of textile wastes and how to  collect and process them. LEVEL 1 is for household wastes with labeling requirements fulfilled by the  general public. LEVEL 2 is for manufacturing wastes from textile mills and LEVEL 3 is for specific types of intermediary raw material manufacturing. Although the technologies were developed based on  how the materials from each level are processed, one important aspect of it concerns the collections,  especially in LEVEL 1, i.e., household wastes. Therefore, the organization will work with federal  governments, municipalities, law makers, etc., around the globe to help implement the technology  platform. 

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