A Bath University research team has experimented with the idea of incorporating conductive yarns into clothing to act as a motion and fitness tracking solution.
To provide stretch and pressure sensing across the garment, the researchers used conductive yarns produced from a hybrid metal-polymer resistive substance.
A team from the University of Washington has created a novel method for tracking movement in a garment using conductive yarns. Conductive materials were carefully inserted in the seams, where they were triggered at low voltages and varied in accordance with the wearer’s range of motion. The study may give fresh insights into athletic performances that wrist-worn gadgets cannot.
Bath University researchers have discovered a method for embedding electronics into clothes. According to the researchers, who are lead by Professor Ruston Ruston, the technique may be utilised to make clothing more stylish. However, they claim that there is still a misunderstanding between engineers and fashion designers. They aim to connect their two groups so that they can come up with fresh ideas for integrating technology in clothing.
Image source: tevonews.com
Manali bhanushali
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Manali Bhanushali