Bangladesh’s garment output increased 11.48 percent between July and September of this year.
According to preliminary data released by the Export Promotion Bureau, readymade garment (RMG) exports from Bangladesh increased by 11.48 percent to $9.059 billion in the first three months of fiscal 2021-22, compared to $8.126 billion in the same period the previous fiscal. Knitwear exports increased faster than woven RMG exports.
According to the data, knitwear exports increased by 15.69% to $5.164 billion in July-September 2021-22, compared to $4.463 billion in the previous fiscal period.
Woven apparel exports increasing at a steady rate of 6.35 percent to $3.895 billion during the review period, compared to $3.662 billion during the comparable period of 2020-21.
Woven and knitted apparel and clothing accessories exports accounted for 82.19 percent of Bangladesh’s total exports of $11.021 billion during July-September 2021-22.
Meanwhile, home textile exports (Chapter 63, excluding 630510) increased by 10.65% to $279.23 million during in the multiple period under review, up from $252.35 million in July-September 2020-21.
Bangladesh’s readymade garment exports increased by 12.55 percent to $31.456 billion in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, likened to $27.949 billion the previous fiscal year. Moreover, this figure was fairly low than the $34.133 billion in exports made during the July-June 2018-19 timespan.