So as to reestablish garments arranges, suspended or dropped by numerous European brands and retailers after the COVID 19 Pandemic, Bangladesh asked help from the European Parliament. The cancelation or suspension of work orders has disturbed the part and constrained numerous proprietors to lay off laborers, says Dr Jafar Uddin, Secretary of Commerce in a letter to Bernd Lange, Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the International Trade Committee.

As of late, a few thousand powerless representatives lost their positions, diving their lives and jobs into profound vulnerability. He asked Lange to find a way to spare RMG representatives’ lives and jobs, the vast majority of whom are ladies. BGMEA noticed that about 4,000,000 representatives right now working in Bangladeshi article of clothing industrial facilities are the most defenseless, as somewhere in the range of 1,150 attire plants enlisted request cancelation or suspension of products worth $3.18 billion until April 29. BKMEA likewise declared that out of 833, its 523 individuals enrolled a $1.78 billion suspension or cancelation of a request.