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Baldwin Showcases Innovations For Corrugated Flexo Printers At ConneXion

Published: May 21, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Solutions enhance productivity through automation, quality improvements and increased safety

ST. LOUIS — May 20, 2021 — Baldwin Technology Company Inc. will showcase its key innovative technologies for optimized corrugated high-graphics package printing at the ConneXion virtual expo, taking place from June 1 to 8. In Baldwin’s virtual exhibit, visitors will experience fully automated flexo plate-cleaning systems, an energy-efficient IR (infrared) drying solution and LED-UV curing systems, all of which increase print quality and productivity, with operator safety and sustainability in mind.

The FlexoCleanerBrush™ is Baldwin’s flagship solution to enhance print quality and improve worker safety in corrugated printing. It automatically removes dust and contamination from the plate in seconds during production, without stopping the press, and it produces virtually no waste. It also performs full end-of-job plate cleaning and drying in fewer than four minutes, enabling increased uptime and sustainability. Because the FlexoCleanerBrush is fully automatic and spans the entire width of the plate cylinder, it improves safety by eliminating routine operator contact with the machine, and reduces the risk of operator contact with wash agents and cylinder nip injuries.

The FlexoCleanPick™ system is an industry-leading innovation designed to automatically remove hickeys—typically caused by paper fibers, dust and ink contamination, and other causes of printing defects—from the plate during the print run without stopping the press or requiring operator skin contact with wash agents. The system lightly touches the plate with a dry microfiber cloth to remove the hickey-causing particles, enhancing print quality and productivity without any waste.

The FlexoDry2™ is a fully integrated IR drying system, specifically developed for corrugated flexo printing presses, that reduces energy consumption by up to 30 percent over standard IR dryers via the use of patented Diamond IR™ lamps. The system delivers dramatically improved drying results through a unique optical design that produces higher intensity for enhanced color definition, reducing or eliminating marking altogether, allowing for high-speed and full-confidence printing.

A new generation of LED-UV technology—designed by AMS Spectral UV, a Baldwin Technology company, for wide-format flexo corrugated box printing—represents the latest in solid-state LED curing innovations and offers more than a 50 percent reduction in power consumption, compared to traditional UV systems, in an ultra-compact lamphead that fits at the end of the press or between printing units. Flexo inks, coatings and varnishes specifically formulated to cure when exposed to LED-UV light can provide a high-value decorative solution for brand owners, offering offset-like quality and vibrant color, as well as full-gloss, spot and matte coating effects on a wide range of corrugated stocks, with the added ability to enhance lower-cost papers. In addition, the LED-UV system can increase the throughput of the machine over water-based aqueous coatings that may require slower press speeds to dry conventionally. Baldwin’s LED-UV technology is lightweight and designed for the demanding requirements of corrugated printing with instant on/off, minimal heat, zero ozone and zone-width switching to further reduce energy consumption.

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