An “Awareness, Guidance & Motivation Seminar” was organised by our Society, representing around 1500 disabled members, on 02/09/2021 in the Municipal School No.1, Qidwai Road, Malegaon, Dist. Nashik, Maharashtra.
The Seminar was first of its kind in the history of Malegaon, presided by Advocate Momin Mujeeb Ahmed wherein several Dignitaries have shared their precious views to hundreds of our members present.
Shri Akhtar Husain, Advocate Salik, Iqbal Ahmed, Riyaz Mama and Syed Shabana, office bearers of our society Welcomed the Guests and elaborated brief history of the society with Remarkable Achievements within a short span of time not only to the members but also to the other disabled of Malegaon as also other cities.
Shri N.D. Mahartre, Director General (T), ITAMMA, Mumbai, the Chief Guest briefed the Hard Work behind receipt of the Presidential Award about making a Handloom for the Disabled and motivated the attendees to strive for perfection and service to the others.
Ms. Jigna Shah, Publisher, TVC, Mumbai highlighted on Positive Thinking and encouraged all the disabled that they can do a lot if their mental health is fine by ignoring the shortcomings.
Shri Navin Agarwal, VP, ATE Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai elaborated that the God always compensates for the disability in any other capacity to overcome the difficulties pointing towards Medals secured by the Disabled n the ongoing Para Olympics.
Shri Guruprasad Shetty, ATE Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, expressed his pleasure on the unity of the disabled and marvellous achievements of the society.
Advocate Momin Musaddique Ahmed, Bombay High Court, highlighted social and financial stigma attached to disabled persons vis a vis medically fit person and emphasised that a differently abled person can perform as efficient as a normal person. He assured his full support to the extent possible in getting their administrative benefits and legally prescribed rights duly envisaged in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as these rights and benefits are long due for disabled people. He expressed that it is Fight for Right and not for Charity.
Mudassir Husain, the President of the Society, revealed the miseries of the Disabled, unusefuleness and denial of the benefits assured to the disabled even during the pandemic and requested all the Guests to draw the ‘ attention of Wealthy and Profit Earning Corporate Companies to undertake Welfare of the Disabled from their Corporate Social Responsibility Funds in the form of Life Supporting Devices.
The Seminar ended with vote of thanks to all the Speakers and no doubt it was a Grand Success as the Disabled felt that there are a lot of people in this world to care or think for them, even apart from the Governments whose activities are confined to papers and announcements whereas the ground realities are different altogether.
Mudassir Husain, President.
Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali