Because of their high recycled fibre content, Autoneum carpet systems already exceed the highest criteria of sustainable transportation.
Because of an alternative back coating (ABC) technique, Autoneum carpets are becoming even more ecologically friendly. The recyclability of carpets at the end of product life is increased further by substituting the latex typically used in conventional back coatings with thermoplastic material. The new manufacturing technique significantly decreases water and energy usage, as well as CO2 emissions in the production process.
Autoneum has created a novel method for applying thermoplastic adhesives to carpets that saves water, electricity, and trash. Carpet cut-outs may be recovered more readily since the fibres of the mono-material are simpler to open, decreasing the use of natural resources as well as waste volumes and consequently CO2 emissions. The environmental performance of Autoneum’s needle punch carpets, which already include a high percentage of recycled PET, is enhanced.
Autoneum is the world leader in vehicle acoustic and thermal control. Thermoplastic adhesives have been developed to replace latex-based back coatings on needle punch carpets. The production of Autoneum’s new, even more ecological generation of tufted carpets is set to begin in early 2022. The company has 53 manufacturing plants and employs over 12 800 people in 24 countries.