As a global market leader in the field of fully automatic bale packing systems for staple fiber and tow Autefa Solutions offers the entire range from fiber transport to the baler, as well as bale transport and storage of the pressed, wrapped and strapped bales in bale warehouses. Autefa Solutions “Uni-Fork System” eliminates the bottleneck in the fiber production logistic. With its flexible baling concept, Autefa Solutions sets a benchmark in terms of fast growing fiber line capacities.

Dirk Falise, Global Sales Director Autefa Solutions, explains: “We see a strong request in man-made fibers lines with highest capacity. The capacity of these Jumbo fibers lines increased nearly every year, there is no end in sight for this trend. A fiber production capacity of up to 800 t/day in the viscose industry is already in production realised by the Autefa Uni-Fork system. Worldwide the Viscose producers growing even faster related the possibilities of capacity. Our “Uni-Fork System” is breaking all the former ways of thinking due to the possibility to bring machine components together to create the maximum production output for our customers. The latest Polyester installation are based on 5 fiber lines with a total fiber capacity of 1.120 t/day.
In the last year Autefa Solutions delivered several production lines for Lyocell. Main components are baling systems with automatic packing and strapping including automatic bale handling. The new packing is much faster (up to 130 bales/h) and the fiber bales are sealed and well protected against rain or insect contamination.
Today, a fully automated baling process with bale transport directly to the warehouse has become utmost essential, as due to the growing capacities of fiber lines, manual packing of bales would be impossible without massive use of labour and space. Highest efficiency of fiber production is only granted by consequent automation of the complete final stage of the fiber line. Autefa Solutions system consists of single modules that can be combined to achieve complete and optimal solutions.