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Autefa Solutions

Published: May 14, 2019

Autefa Solutions

AUTEFA Solutions represents companies with a long tradition and a history of years of successful participation in the market. Combining the experience of the companies AUTEFA, Fehrer, FOR, OCTIR and Strahm the company stands for high quality, durability and performance made in Europe. With two subsidiaries AUTEFA Solutions North America and AUTEFA Solutions Wuxi (China) the company is present all around the globe. Since 2011 AUTEFA Solutions is part of China Hi Tech Group Cooperation (CHTC).Following are the AUTEFA Solutions technologies.

Non-woven’s technology

The nonwovens lines meet customers’ requirements for quality web formation, bonding, active weight regulation, and minimal maintenance requirements. The turnkey nonwoven lines include machines for opening and blending, chute feeds, nonwovens cards, cross lappers, needle looms, hydro entanglement equipment, thermo bonding ovens and dryers.  With one of the worldwide biggest Nonwoven Competence Center in Linz, Austria, company offers multiple web forming and bonding technologies in industrial scale to cover all our customer’s requirements for application oriented product optimization. On 2000m² there are, among other machines, 5 needle looms available for trials.

Fiber Logistic Technology

It offers the entire range from fiber transport to the baler, as well as bale transport and storage of the finally pressed, wrapped and strapped bales in bale warehouses. Highest efficiency of fiber production is only granted by consequent automation of the complete final stage of the fiber line. The AUTEFA Solutions system consists of single modules that can be combined based on the specific project requirements to achieve complete and optimal solutions.

Woollen, Worsted and Semi Worsted Technology

The company combines in Biella the two biggest Italian card manufacturers, OCTIR and F.O.R. AUTEFA Solutions includes companies with a long-standing tradition. With a history of more than 100 years in card production (F.O.R. was established in 1907 and OCTIR was established in 1911) and the successful supply of more than 6000 cards all over the world, Woollen Carding Sets to process fine and extra fine wool, cashmere and silk, for high quality weaving and knitting yarns.

Autefa Solutions presenting in ITMA 2019.

  • Full-line suppliers for nonwovens lines Innovations in main process steps from web-forming, web bonding and web-finishing. Industry 4.0 for entire nonwovens production system.
  • Energy saving spunlace production Autefa solutions patented V-jet Technology. Upto 30% proven lower energy consumption. Higher fabric strength. Reduced water consumption etc.
  • Aerodynamic web forming Airlay FUTURA
  • Six modules – ONE perfect line solution
  • Airlay FUTURA Concept increases productively and quality by tailor- made technology modules.
  • FUTURA easy opening systems leads to high efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
  • Needleloom or Thermobonding oven complete line out of one hand.
  • AUTEFA-Service 4.0
  • Direct link to customer support
  • Intuitive access to machines and processes
  • Intelligent maintenance by component supervision
  • Monitoring system keeping quality high
  • Full autefa solutions knowledge accessible on demand

The future of AUTEFA Solutions is focused on growth and the expansion of its worldwide production sites.  


Visit AUTEFA Solutions at ITMA 2019, Hall 5 booth C111


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