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AUTEFA Presents Innovative Solutions For the Textile Industry

Published: June 10, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Higher productivity, sustainability and Industry 4.0 compatible solutions will be the highlights of  AUTEFA presentations at the forthcoming ITMA Asia+ CITME 2021 in Shanghai. Latest machines from  the business units Nonwovens Technology, Woollen Carding Technology and Baling Technology will be  featured at the event later this month, at Hall 7, Stand A24. 

The key advantages of the full range of the AUTEFA Solutions textile equipment portfolio will be  explained, with a detailed focus on a number of specific innovations. Visitors will hear about the  economic and technical benefits of AUTEFA as a systems supplier for full nonwovens lines in  

technology for carded-crosslapped needlepunching, aerodynamic web forming, spunlace production,  and thermobonding. 

In needlepunching, the company has developed monitoring and quality improvement techniques with  its patented 3-level Closed Loop Control System. Here, a scanner evaluates weight distribution in the  final product, while the control system adjusts the profile at the crosslapper and the card feed 

accordingly. The 3-level Closed Loop Control System also incorporates the WebMax Web Profile  Control, which ensures that the fabric profile is regular in both directions. This results in excellent  fabric uniformity, with consequent savings in materials and costs.  

Optimized potential of fiber supply chain 

As a global market leader in fully-automatic bale packing systems for staple fiber and tow, the  

company offers the entire range, from fiber transport to baler – as well as bale transport and  

warehouse storage of the pressed, wrapped and strapped bales. The Uni-Fork System from AUTEFA  Solutions eliminates bottlenecks in fiber production logistics. With its flexible baling concept, AUTEFA  Solutions sets the benchmark for fast-growing fiber line capacities. 

Preferred option for cashmere woollen spinning 

Natural fibres continue to grow in popularity for sports and leisure apparel, as well as next-to-skin  clothing. For these applications, finer micron wools are required – which means spinners need to  produce yarn using finer fiber and to even more exact specifications. AUTEFA Solutions machines

deliver excellent quality outcomes in wool, alpaca, and cashmere. They can operate at precise speeds,  ensuring consistency and evenness in both top and yarn production. Tops will typically be some 2- 3mm longer, for the best-possible yarn quality. AUTEFA Solutions OCTIR-Dragon Multitrave worsted  and semi-worsted cards guarantee high productivity without compromising the quality of the tops. The  result is fibre fineness from 14.5-32 microns and fiber length from 20-150 mm. 

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