Got a wedding to attend this summer and dreading how to balance style and the heat?We’ve got your back with some suggestions on how to dress for a big fat summer Indian wedding.If you’re thinking anarkalis, lehengas, gowns, and suits, let us tell you how you can wear either of them since it is the fabric that makes all the difference.

Comfortable and breathable clothing

Choose from sarees, cotton suits, anarkalis, and the like. Make sure the fabric is lightweight and allows air and does not make you feel stuffy.Cottonsarees can be difficult to manage, so you can also choose chiffon or georgette sareesinstead.Since it is summer, you can always go for a choli with your lehenga sporting your midriff.

Pick floral patterns

Do your hair into a messy bun and adorn it with a floral gajra. The flowers will provide a natural fragrance around you making you feel fresh and summery, while your hair won’t bother you.Summer is the best time to wear floral designs. A floral lehenga or a suit with a floral dupatta will make you look as regal as ever.

Wear one statement jewelry piece

Jewelry is supposed to enhance your look, not define your look.This summer heat often makes us choose minimal jewelry or very light pieces.But when attending a wedding, you can undoubtedly glam up.Instead of several small pieces, opt for a statement piece like a glamorous pair of earrings, or an eye-catching necklace, something that will do the job of uplifting your appearance.

Pick a summery color palette for makeup

If you are wearing pastel shades or lightweight clothing, opt for more gorgeous makeup.However, if your dress is outstanding on its own it is better to tone down your makeup to not look overdressed.Go with corals or nude shades and perhaps a darker shade of lipstick.Avoid a makeup meltdown by choosing waterproof products. Use a facial anti-perspirant.

Avoid heels and go for sandals

Summers suit all sorts of sandals. You can proudly display your sandal collection at weddings.Wear sturdy heels, or stilettoes only if you are comfortable.Indian weddings include a lot of dancing and running around, plus with relatively heavy or layered clothing it is always best to wear comfortable shoes.It’s better not to wear brand new footwear unless you want a shoe bite!