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Asteks targets Asian and African markets with its advanced grinding solutions

Published: January 2, 2024
Asteks, focusing on Asia, the dynamo of the global textile industry, and Africa, the rising star of the global textile industry, successfully reaches local manufacturers with its advanced grinding solutions, apron and cots. The company participated in ITMA ASIA + CITME in Shanghai and ITME Africa in Kenya.

Asteks, the specialist in high-quality apron and cots types as well as advanced grinding and automation solutions, demonstrated its claim in the global market at the exhibitions it participated in. The company participated in ITMA ASIA + CITME, the largest textile technologies exhibition of the Asian market, held in Shanghai on 19-23 November, and ITME Africa 2023 in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, on 30 November – 3 December, and managed to attract great interest from the visitors. By participating in these events, taking place one after the other in different locations of the global textile industry, Asteks showed both its high quality product portfolio and its service power that can reach any location.

Stating that China is still the world’s largest market with a spindle capacity of over 80 million, Asteks Overseas Sales Responsible Taner Engin said that they addressed a very large supply potential at the exhibition when the installed capacity in the surrounding region is taken into account. Saying; “Taking part in ITMA ASIA + CITME, which is held in one of the most active and vibrant production centres of the global market, was important in terms of showcasing both our high-quality products and our service power reaching these local markets”, Engin emphasised that the exhibition ended successfully for them.

Engin stated that costs have increased significantly in the Chinese market as in the rest of the world, noting that local sector representatives have shown great interest in high-quality, long-lasting and technically superior aprons and cots. He remarked; “The textile industry is experiencing supply chain challenges and the preference for higher quality solutions is becoming widespread as a way to cope with rising costs. We see this in other countries, especially in China. We are able to offer them the quality they are looking for at an attractive price. Therefore, China is turning into an interesting market for us, and the exhibition we attended to utilise this potential provided good results in line with our targets.” He indicated that during the ITMA ASIA + CITME, they had the opportunity to meet not only with Chinese textile manufacturers but also with visitors from textile producing countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Noting that they hosted visitors from the Latin American region such as Mexico and Brazil as well as Asia, Engin said that they were pleased to have a global communication and interaction network.

All aprons and cots as well as 401-SF&M grinding machine were on display

Explaining that they exhibited samples from almost all apron and cot solutions in their product portfolio at the exhibition in Shanghai, Taner Engin noted that they exhibited their latest model 401-SF&M fully automatic grinding machine in the machine group. Pointing out that this innovative model with an intelligent feeding system and two independent grinding units provides unmatched efficiency and standard in the grinding process, he mentioned the new model that attracted great interest as follows; “Our 401-SF&M cot grinding machine, which we exhibited in actual operation, was closely examined and highly appreciated by the visitors with its versatile functionality, advanced technology and automation level. This solution has become a very attractive choice for those who work intensively and operate high-capacity spindle systems.”

Engin underlined that Asteks has a wide product portfolio in this field emphasising that quality and longevity have now become the basic demand in apron and cot products used intensively by yarn manufacturers. He indicated that special Gesa multiple holes compact spinning machine aprons stood out in the exhibition informing that this apron was used in the spinning machines at the booths of some of the leading machine manufacturers in the exhibition. Engin disclosed; “The special Gesa multiple holes aprons specially developed for compact yarn production machines attracted the attention of the visitors both with the samples at our booth and with their performance in operation at the booths of the machine manufacturers.”

African and Middle Eastern markets offer great potential

Taner Engin mentioned that Asteks participated in the ITME Africa 2023 held in Nairobi emphasising that the African market has entered into a growth process by attracting significant investments in recent years. Indicating that the exhibition targets professionals from the textile centres in the east and south of the continent as well as Kenya, Engin said; “Africa is turning into a new investment base in textile. China, India and other manufacturing countries have started to settle in the regions of this continent. This region offers attractive options for them to reduce increasing costs and to reach developed markets faster. In this context, ITME Africa has turned into a technology show with the participation of global brands and it has been very successful for us.”

Pointing out that the Middle East region, particularly Africa and Egypt, has a high development potential and has large spinning investments, Engin said that they anticipate a significant demand for apron and cot as a result of these investments. He remarked that they closely follow the opportunities in these markets with the wide range of apron and cot products in their portfolio as well as advanced grinding machine models.

Engin underlined that Asteks will continue its market diversification to increase its strength in the global market informing that they will participate in exhibitions in a wide geography in 2024. He added that Egystitch 2024 in Cairo, DTG 2024 in Dhaka, Indo Intertex 2024 in Jakarta, Saigontex 2024 in Saigon, ITM 2024 in Istanbul, Caitme 2024 in Tashkent and ITMA ASIA + CITME in Shanghai stand out among the exhibitions Asteks will attend.

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