The Lenzing Group, a global manufacturer of wood-based speciality fibres, is collaborating with Orange Fiber, an Italian business that has patented the pulp manufacturing method for citrus by-products, to create the first TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibre comprised of orange and wood pulp.

The Lenzing Group and Orange Fiber have joined forces to launch a new TENCEL™ Limited Edition project. The new product is intended to achieve both firms’ common objective of improving sustainability in the textile and apparel industries. Orange Fiber is now transforming the fibres into a new line of textiles, which will be introduced to the market in October 2021.
Orange Fiber has collaborated with Lenzing to develop a new sustainable fabric that will serve as a significant resource for the textile and fashion industries. According to the business, it can help change the fashion sector and empower brands searching for eco-friendly textile value chains. Orange Fiber is a prominent supplier of sustainable fibres in the world, producing more than of its own-brand fabrics from renewable sources.
TENCEL™ strives to help its numerous worldwide textile partners in adopting and attaining an efficient closed-loop process, as well as high industry standards. The objective is to stimulate the co-development of creative solutions to give trash a new lease on life, as well as to promote more transparency in the textile and fashion industries, in order to completely realise sustainable industrial standards.