Artist Viraj Khanna in his latest solo show here has explored the complex elements of human nature and the way society influences people and their behaviour.

Organised by Gallery Art Exposure, ”In My Fever Dream” opened on Friday at Bikaner House here with 25 textile works of different scales.

In this exhibition, Khanna has used different textile elements such as thread, beads, pearls, and other hand-created materials in order to give structure to his figurative work that appear as outlandish figures, as if out of a frenetic fever dream. Talking about the latest show, the artist said that the series is a ”reflection” of his personal experiences and the way he relates to the world.

”When I create, I think about the human condition, about people and their behaviours. Societal influences changing our personalities and the way we perceive reality interest me greatly. A multitude of things within serves to express the various experiences that have made an impact on me. Also, it is often wise to take everything with a pinch of salt,” Khanna said.

The realisation that an individual’s identity is affected by people around them, societal forces and their own experiences has reflected in Khanna’s artworks, and with the use of colourful textile elements he has tried to portray the complexities natural to humans.

”Viraj Khanna first embarked on his artistic journey during the pandemic in 2020. Seeing him cultivate his talent and evolve as an artist is a delightful experience by itself. This time, Viraj leverages his proficient skills in working with textiles and transmutes them into fabulous figurative creations that deserve applause,” Somak Mitra, director of Gallery Art Exposure, said.

The exhibition will come to an end on December 11.