Argar, with its AVIRTEX line, offers a range of knitted fabrics characterized by innovative technology combining


An antiviral and antibacterial action that kills viruses and bacteria present on the fabric ensuring effective protection against their transmission and preventing the contamination.

A water repellent treatment that prevents the passage of droplets through the fabric (droplets, among the main causes of transmission of viruses and bacteria).


The combination of these two finishes guarantees safer protection compared to standard fabrics used for the same purpose, Argar says.


“Argar, in collaboration with HeiQ, a leading Swiss company in the formulation of chemical products for textile industry, has developed an antiviral and antibacterial treatment for its articles using the innovative HeiQ Viroblock formula,” Argar explains.


“HeiQ, HeiQ Viroblock and Viroblock are trademarks or registered trademarks of HeiQ Materials AG. The use of them are subject to the authorization by HeiQ directly and the signing of a trademark license agreement. Virus claims and antiviral claims might be considered health claims which are usually regulated under the medical device regulation.”


Additional benefits

According to Argar, the advantages of Argar AVIRTEX fabrics, treated with antiviral and antibacterial finishes, are:


They vanquish 99% of viruses between 2 and 5 minutes


They reduce the risk and speed of contamination and retransmission of pathogens from tissues


They prevent the passage of droplets (among the main causes of transmission of viruses and bacteria) through the fabric thanks to the water repellent treatment


They prevent the tissues from becoming host surfaces for the spread of viruses and bacteria because they slow down their growth and persistence