Special elevation in value added sector exports in FY 2020-21

APTMA has come up with a new investment

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Supporter in-Boss Gohar Ejaz has declared that the textile industry will contribute $5 billion by adding 100 new textile plants which will give 500,000 new positions and increment material commodities.

Tending to the yearly regular gathering of the relationship at APTMA House, Gohar would have liked to accomplish the current year’s textile commodity focus of $21 billion.

According to him, there has been a significant increase in exports during the 20-21 period. Towels accounted for 32 per cent, clothing for 19 per cent, knitwear for 37 per cent and bedwear for 29 per cent.

He guaranteed that APTMA is resolved to give worldwide costs to the cotton ranchers, and this year cotton ranchers would get Rs600 billion rather than Rs200 billion paid to them a year ago.

He said that cotton yarn is adequately accessible in the country for utilization in the worth added area for send out purposes which is apparent from the way that cotton yarn trade has declined by 25% in quantitative terms from 0.522 million tons in 2018 to 0.390 million tons during 2021 and 26 percent in esteem terms.

Domestic production of cotton yarn was about 3.5 million tonnes and 90 per cent of this production was used for value added sector while only 10 per cent was exported, Gohar said.

Prematurely Mohammad Raza Bakir, General Secretary and Executive Director of APTMA announced the results on behalf of the Election Commission. According to the results, Abdul Rahim Nasir has been elected as the Central President of APTMA, Mohammad Jameel Qasim as Senior Vice President and Atta Shafi Tanveer Sheikh as Vice President. Are.

Adil Bashir, the retired president of APTMA, took a look at the efforts made during 2020-21.

He said that it was a difficult year both for the public authority and the business because of the progressive rushes of a worldwide pandemic of Coronavirus which plunged the worldwide economy and made rehashed vulnerabilities in the stock chains and buyer requests.

He said that waiver from lockdown allowed to trade situated industry empowered the material business to work at its full ability to recover send out business sectors at a high speed. He expressed gratitude toward Head administrator Imran Khan, Counsel to Executive on Trade Abdul Razzak Dawood and the entire government apparatus for their help to restore the business and inspire sends out.