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Theme and dress code ideas based on the type of your wedding banquet hall in Hyderabad

Published: February 21, 2023

Do you want to have a themed wedding? To help you create a once-in-a-lifetime wedding event, we’ve compiled a list of unique Indian wedding themes for your consideration. Want to be surrounded by a regal atmosphere that makes you feel like a queen? Do you like the city for your wedding, or would you rather exchange vows in the company of birdsong and running water? Weddings are the most important day of your life, so you naturally want to celebrate in grand fashion.

To have the fairytale wedding of your dreams, go with a theme that you’ve always wanted. So, which traditional Indian motif would you choose for your big day? In Hyderabad, you can have whatever wedding you can imagine, whether it’s a fairytale, a royal, a forest, or a green wedding and accordingly too many great venues are available. Finding the best wedding banquet hall in Hyderabad won’t be an issue if you’ve decided the space type and theme of your wedding. The newlyweds are on their way! When it comes to weddings and other special events, nothing says “chic” like the best wedding dress hyderabad. If you want a traditional South Indian aesthetic that will look great in any setting, Hyderabadi wedding attire is your best bet. If you’re getting married in Hyderabad, here are some tried-and-true options for wedding themes:

Dressing Like an ideal Lady or Gentleman

This wedding dress code is more formal than dressy casual but less daring than cocktail wear and more casual than formal clothes (i.e. black tie and black tie optional). Focus on streamlined blazers, dress shirts, pantsuits, midi dresses, and minimal accessories when getting ready for a semi-formal wedding. Some of our favourite go-to colours for semi-formal attire are timeless classics like navy blue, burgundy, and black.

Women adorn themselves in silk saris.

Silk sarees, one of the most recognisable and beloved traditional garments of the south of India, are the centrepiece of every wedding in Hyderabad. Women in Hyderabad often don silk sarees to celebrate cultural events like weddings and other celebrations. A silk saree is a wardrobe staple for women of all ages because of its classic beauty and easy wear.

Ideal for weddings in Hyderabad, these dresses can be accessorised with matching jewellery and a stunning mogra gajra to make a bold fashion statement. Silk sarees with a wide border and a glossy finish are a common sight at Hyderabadi weddings since they seem both elegant and ready for the celebration. Wearing a silk saree is a luxurious experience. When inviting guests from out of town, a silk saree is a great way to make them feel like they’re truly participating in a traditional Hyderabadi wedding. Silk sarees are the most popular choice for brides in Hyderabad. Your wedding clothing might even be ordered in accordance with the reception hall you select! You can even get your wedding attire on the basis of the wedding banquet hall you choose online!

Golden-white kanjeevaram:

The kanjeevaram sarees in shades of golden white are stunning choices for such a momentous occasion. The golden-white colour scheme looks unreal and shines brighter than any other shade if you’re trying to keep a theme for the girl gang or maintain color-coordinated attire. The bridesmaids can compliment the bride’s traditional kanjeevaram saree by donning their own versions in a golden-white motif.

Silk kanjeevaram sarees are the undisputed star of the show since they are comfortable, beautiful, charming, and attractive. When worn with the right jewellery, accessories, and hairdo, these sarees are really stunning. The golden-white kanjeevarams are a staple of wedding attire in Hyderabad, and guests of all ages are encouraged to try one on at least once. Their elegance and gentle touch endear them to many. For a wedding in Hyderabad, nothing beats a traditional Kanjeevaram.

Traditional glitz:

Every aspect of a traditional glam event, from the location to the decorations, is lavish and eye-catching. Metallic accents in otherwise monochromatic colour schemes are very trendy right now.

Dress up as Natural as you can: 

If you want your wedding to be a celebration of the natural world, you should think about having it in a courtyard. Enhance the organic feel of your wedding with sustainable touches like edible favours and an eco-friendly exit. The classic guys can wear a suit or some other naturally elegant formal look, while you and your close friends and family can wear whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Contemporary Motifs

Every bride in the South Indian subcontinent wears the traditional Pattu saree on her wedding day. The selection of themes, on the other hand, is what gives it a contemporary spin. Modern brides update their classic wedding dresses by adding daring and eye-catching patterns. You can’t go wrong with a wedding-appropriate South Indian attire that features a motif like an animal or but.

Hyderabadi dress theme for The Elder Guests

Is it really true that only the young can pull off a killer outfit? The lavish South Indian weddings also attract a large number of stylish and hip older guests who dress to impress. The women put on a stunning fashion show in traditional silk sarees in a rainbow of colours, while the men choose to wear kurta-pyjamas accessorised with Nehru jackets and pocket squares. Traditional garb includes Mundus worn with clean white kurtas. A traditional white shawl or stole rests over one shoulder to complete the appearance.

For cute little kids

Little girls clad in delicate lehengas capture the eye in a magical way. While the young men dress to impress in stylish sherwanis and kurta-pyjamas. Follow these lovely bridal fashions as inspiration if you’re about to tie the knot in the South Indian culture or plan to attend a South Indian wedding

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