adidas launches new Club Originals campaign to celebrate and inspire the next generation of creators

Published: April 19, 2023

~ Welcome to Club Originals- a one-of-a-kind culture-forward experience that brings together diverse creative communities and celebrates self-expression and originality~


~Orhan Awatramani a.k.a Orry, the newest fashion forward voice brought together the city’s coolest names, creative voices, and fashion conscious millennials and Gen-Z at the event ~ 

Mumbai, 14th April 2023Today, adidas Originals launched Club Originals – a new campaign celebrating creativity across the worlds of music, art, style and movement. The campaign represents adidas’ ambition to continue to foster next-generation talent, welcoming the adidas community and new creatives across the country into the adidas Originals brand through an immersive experience that encourages creativity and collaboration.

adidas hosted a one-of-a-kind culture-forward experience in Mumbai, India to mark the launch of Club Originals. Celebrating the brand’s legacy, the Club Originals campaign reflects on the nostalgic elements of the adidas brand, reimagined for a new generation of consumers. Signifying intersectionality, self-expression and collaboration, the immersive experience paid homage to the brand’s legacy by celebrating adidas Originals’ five most iconic footwear classics: Superstar, Samba, Gazelle, Forum & Rivalry.


Speaking about the campaign, Sunil Gupta, Senior Director, brand adidas said, “adidas Originals has always played an authentic role in culture and by launching Club Originals, we want to spotlight the brand’s role in shaping streetwear and sneaker culture by making our iconic footwear franchises relevant to the new generation of style-conscious Gen-Z. Through the campaign, we also aim to identify, spotlight and inspire some of the incredible new creators across India, whilst inviting the originals of tomorrow to become a part of the adidas brand.”

The Club Originals experience was held at the city’s popular destination cuisine and bar, Slink & Bardot, which was completely transformed into an adidas owned 90’s house party concept. Taking the style quotient up a notch, Orhan Awatramani a.k.a Orry the newest fashion-forward voice, joined adidas Originals repertoire of creators and brought together the coolest names including young trailblazers, streetwear enthusiasts, lifestyle icons, and next-gen trend setters. The event celebrated the collective creative energy of over 300+ likeminded creators and wave makers in the city.

Featuring unique collaborations such as a t-shirt customization booth with artist Chaitanya Dixit, custom bling by frostbite, skateboarding featuring Sareena Coutinho and Jay Singh, a vintage car display in collaboration with Kikshift, the venue came alive with a series of immersive experiences, arcade games, branded elements and props that represented the ‘80s & ‘90s hip-hop culture and nostalgia like never seen before. The event culminated on the dance with guests grooving to a specially curated tracklist of hip-hop tunes by talented homegrown artists, DJ Anushka and DJ MOCITY.

By creating a cultural space, the Club Originals experience served as a perfect platform for self-expression and cultural intersectionality for creators across diverse genres. The event witnessed a line-up of standout talent known for breaking creative boundaries within their own industries.

The Club Originals campaign will be brought to life via an integrated campaign across social, digital, Retail, and e-comm.

The new ‘Club Originals’ collection is now available via and adidas Originals stores across the country

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