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Wazir Advisors Partners with Fashion Snoops to Expand the Reach of their Trend Forecasting and Design Advisory Services in South Asia

Published: May 4, 2023

Wazir Advisors, a leading management consulting firm, is pleased to announce its partnership with Fashion Snoops, USA, to expand the reach of their trend forecasting and design advisory services in South Asia. Manufacturers, brands, and other fashion, lifestyle & beauty/wellness sector stakeholders in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan can now access Fashion Snoops' world-class content and services through Wazir Advisors.

To thrive in uncertain and fast-changing markets, businesses and brands require the agility to understand signals of change and connect the dots between culture and product. Understanding the needs of the global and South Asian markets, Fashion Snoops (FS) has relaunched of its popular future forecasting platform. The new rendition streamlines the product creation process; makes it more intuitive, interactive, and creatively fulfilling.

FS, putting power into the hands of the creators, provides advanced inspiration to spark future ideas and help track what’s happening in the market. Its range of custom tools enables subscribers to gather creative intelligence across retail, runways, trade shows, and social media. Most importantly, they help curate those discoveries into cutting-edge innovative strategies and concepts. All in a format that is easy to customise, share, or export
into design software.

“The problem for creators today is not a lack of information, but rather an overload of it. That’s where we come in,” explains Itay Arad, Co-founder and CEO at FS.

“Instead of just offering more, we present our clients with incisive, inspiring content that is easy to find and ready to provoke action”.

Wazir Advisors’ strong regional presence, coupled with Fashion Snoops’ customised solutions, will ensure prompt and dedicated service to the industry’s needs. The partnership will enable South Asian countries to navigate the complexities of the rapidly growing market, globalisation and competitiveness in the fashion and design industry.

Commenting on the partnership, Varun Vaid, Business Director, Wazir Advisors, said, “We are thrilled to engage with Fashion Snoops to introduce their services in South Asia. Wazir’s deep industry network, coupled with their design forecasting expertise, will help stakeholders in the region with incisive, inspiring content that is easy to find and ready to provoke action. This partnership will enable South Asian stakeholders to access clear, actionable insights to help them succeed in an increasingly competitive market.”

Itay Arad, Co-founder and CEO at Fashion Snoops, mentioned, "We are excited to partner with Wazir Advisors. We are a global trend-forecasting platform and design advisory agency with over 100 industry experts and consultants worldwide. Our solutions that are customised for the unique needs of the regional market will be our differentiating factor.”

About Wazir Advisors:
Wazir Advisors is a leading management consulting firm based in Gurgaon, India. The company specialises in strategy, operations, and investment advisory services for clients in various sectors, including textile & apparel, retail & consumer products, food & agriculture, and skill development.

About Fashion Snoops:
For over 22 years, FS has been the leading force in trend forecasting, serving clients in over 50 countries across Fashion, Accessories, Home Decor, Beauty, Wellness, and other consumer-facing markets. Fashion Snoops' trend experts serve clients in over 50 countries in fashion, accessories, home decor, beauty, wellness, and other consumer-facing industries. With a powerful-yet-intuitive digital platform and decades of industry insight, FS
is known for collaborating closely with clients. From boutique brands to Fortune 500 companies, FS is helping to chart their path to a thriving business.

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