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Vetements To Launch a New Fashion Brand In July

Published: June 28, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Vetements is about to unleash a new brand on 22 July, this is supposed to be the first step in developing “a new version of what a conglomerate would look like.” 

In a recent interview Guram Gvasalia, co-founder and chief executive of Vetements said that “it’s time to dare, to do things that are different.” 

When the Zurich-based house released a short trailer tape on behalf of a new collection during the mostly digital version of Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

The tape, showing flickering scenes of modern cities, high-tech factories, and a supermarket checkout interspersed with blooming flowers and ends with a blinking eyeball overlaid with the launch date for a “secret project”.

Gvasalia reportedly denied to name the brand but also added that the collection would an aesthetic that will be different from Vetements, which is inspired by men’s wear and start interview but would “speak for all the genders.”

This new project will be under the new Gvasalia Family Foundation, described as a “new experimental laboratory, a multidimensional platform for younger talent, which can one day replace traditional conglomerate structures by defining co-working and co-creating experiences.

Vetements said in a statement that, “this foundation aims to provide mentoring, technical development, production, supply chain, distribution and financial support and in this way the new brands can stay true to their aesthetic and not be forced to chase market trends, or worse, having to sell their souls to the devils of the industry,” 

Vetements revealed a spring 2022 collection online in May which included the prints of green computer code that represented the virtual reality environment of the ‘Matrix’ movies.

Founded in 2014, Vetements and its design cofounder Denna Gvasalia are widely known and credited with sparking the streetwear trends in fashion. 

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