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Trending instagram fashion subcultures

Published: August 8, 2020

There are various sub cultures people have been following for centuries to identify their interest by wearing what they are comfortable in. People with similar cultures tend to bond together well because of the same interest. Fashion has always been the first essential element in showing they belong to this subculture. Instagram influencers started a sub culture called as the ‘Instagram baddie’. Instagram has a certain aesthetics that people fall under this subculture follow.

In recent times where people started experimenting with various fashion statements and what really suits them best. Four sub cultures are blooming between the instagram community which showcases the different aesthetics of a girl.

Insta baddie:

Insta baddie is a feminine way of presentation which usually involves bold makeup and cute outfits. She is also a girl who knows the current trends and wears them with a flawless look. They also wear complimenting jewellery and accessories. The young billionaire Kylie Jenner can also be categorized under an insta baddie from her way of dressing and makeup looks. There are various brands that creates clothing lines for these baddies.

Soft girl:

A soft girl was a trend started by girls wearing oversized and ultra cute outfits in tik-tok. This trend was then passed onto instagram. It contains shades of pink and yellow with floral prints. Crop tops and high waist jeans are the staple wears of a soft girl. They also wear bright colored eyeshadows enhancing their eyes and lipgloss of soft shades.

VSCO girl:

The term vsco girl started when high school girls started posting pictures of them edited with the vsco app. Later on the trend started catching up and it is now famous among many women. People from this subculture wear scrunchies and designer clothes. They also tend to be active on social media. Their pictures contain a vintage look.


E-girl is a subculture emerged along with the skater cultures with a resemblance to goth. They wear bold makeup and wear dark clothes. Here the girls also tend to borrow fashion styles of men and embrace it. When looked at a e-girl you might get a girly look with a gothy look.

Art Hoe:

This subculture is usually seen in instagram where the girls are into different forms of art and nature. They have subtle feminine looks usually paired with glasses. Sunflowers, daisies and other natural elements can be seen in their aesthetic moodboards. Their colors palette consists majorly of blue and yellow.

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