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Published: July 26, 2022
Author: Samuel Joseph

By: Samuel Joseph

Denim & denim jeans are humanity’s dreams, always. In late 1870s, denim cloth worn by workers, was created as a work wear. Denim, with roots in the French town called Nimes, was popularly used in stitching trousers for Italian sailors in the 19th century. Since then, the magic fabric has been transformed beyond imagination.Today, it is a huge fashion statement that has matured with myriad applications. There are exclusive denim weavers and big companies. which have invested a major part in this wonder cloth to increase their profits.   Blue Denims are the most beautiful things since the gondola, says someone, who knows all about denim fashion.“In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world”, “think, Denim is something everyone feels comfortable in”,“It’s kind of my uniform, really…. Food. Water. Denim. Let’s get back to essentials,” chime in a community of fashionist, makers, leaders, specialists in, or followers of fashions.

The global market value for denim fabric was US$ 21.8 billion in 2020 and was expected to increase to over US$26 billion by 2026. The retail sales value is projected to reach at about US$ 71.8 billion 2027. The global denim jeans market was forecast to be worth around US$ 87.4 billion in 2027. One can easily see the potential from these data. China tops in export of denim fabric worldwide, leading particularly denim made from at least 85 percent cotton. The higher the amount of cotton in a blend, the more the denim will stretch and remains stretched over time, opinedenim experts. China and Hong Kong import the most denim fabric, especially denim made from less than 85 percent cotton. Levi Strauss, is the largest in denim jeans market with sales hitting over US$4.45 billion in 2020. Usually, garment makers source from reputable mills such as Raymond, Arvind Mills, Vardhman, Ashima, and others to ensure the highest standard.

India’s denim wear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.5% and touch Rs 39,651 crore by 2022, and Rs 77,999 crore by 2026. The men’s denim segment comprises 84%and the women’s and kids’ denim segments embrace 10% and 6% respectively.

The numbers are a testimony. Should we say more? Please read our Exclusive Cover Story in this issue.

Editorial : July 2022 Magazine

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