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Tejidos Royo and Tailorlux Create ‘Lowest Impact’ Denim

Published: July 16, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Denim mill in Spain The new fabric, which will have markings confirming its organic provenance, is the brainchild of Tejidos Royo and German traceability solutions company Tailorlux. The businesses want to collaborate with a Spanish cotton ginner in September to put Tailorlux IntegriTEX patented technology into freshly harvested, high-quality cotton.
Tejidos Royo’s Dry Indigo revolutionary foam dyeing method utilises no water and almost eliminates toxic compounds from the denim dying process. The technique can prevent fraud, mixing, and untrustworthy greenwashing claims by using luminous markers that give fibres their unique “optical fingerprint.” The luminous pigments are equipped with machine-readable smart sensors that detect dilution of original materials from thread to fabric to garment.
Tailorlux and Tejidos Royo are collaborating to build a more sustainable textile world. The demand for traceability grows in tandem with the desire for sustainable solutions. To satisfy these new needs, companies such as Artistic Fabric Mills and Bossa have already implemented traceability systems. Tailorlux will provide buyers more information about the origins of a fabric.

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