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Sport Casuals International (SCI) Announces New Athletic Performance Fabric

Published: October 8, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
New SCI Fit 1 Fabric Solves Fitness Apparel “Grin Through” Problem
Boca Raton, FL —Sport Casuals International (SCI), a global sports apparel design and manufacturing company, unveils a new performance fitness fabric: SCI FIT 1.
Available exclusively from Sport Casuals International, SCI FIT 1 is a scientific fabric breakthrough that virtually eliminates the Grin-Through Effect: the fabric stretching, material erosion (almost to see-through transparency) and color degradation that commonly occur in today’s most popular sports and workout apparel.
With its uniquely luxurious feel, and a firm, customized fit (maintained even through repeated washings), SCI’s new fabric features:
  • No “grin through” (i.e., fabric stretching and
  • becoming see-through for the wearer), even in lighter color fabrics
  • 4-way stretch compression interlock
  • A dense, 240-gram packed knit construction with more “picks and ends”
  • 30% cotton, 70% spandex blend
  • Moisture-wicking, lush texture
  • A “peached” finish
For over 25 years, SCI has provided end-to-end design and supply chain management solutions for sports performance and active lifestyle apparel for brands, retailers and organizations.
SCI Chief Merchant Mike Shea states, “We created SCI FIT 1 out of the belief that every consumer, regardless of body type, should feel confident in the fit of their fitness apparel. They should be able to rock their look, not only in
darker colors but also lighter colors and prints, without the worry of fading or grin through. We spent months working tirelessly with our factory teams to test and perfect this new fabric innovation. As a result, SCI FIT 1 is the first and only fabric that virtually eliminates “grin through” on light colors. We think it’ll be a game-changer for fitness apparel.”
Trenton Pfau, president of OvareVentures portfolio brands, concurs, “SCI FIT 1 is a technical solution that delivers both performance for the consumer and strength for fitness apparel brands. We’re excited to help SCI bring such a transformative product to market.”
OvareVentures acquired SCI in February 2021.
WATCH: SCI Fit 1 Video available here: 

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