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Polartec and Browzwear have released truthful photorealistic textiles

Published: October 16, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Polartec and Browzwear have released truthful photorealistic textiles.

Polartec has introduced a new collaboration with Browzwear, a pioneer in 3D digital fashion alternatives. Users will now be able to digitally design and develop with Polartec’s dynamic fabric collection, a first for the brand. The fabric library will be available in the Browzwear VStitcher 2021.2 Edition on 12 October with subsequent rollouts of new fabric technologies in future upgrades. Polartec’s foundation is built on invention, adaptation, and a constant embrace of the future to create better solutions.

The new collaboration will enable Browzwear designers to explore and develop using Polartec fabric technologies in a digital format that will provide sophisticated information by allowing the user to correctly understand the fabric’s texture, drape, and movement in true-to-life 3D.

Aside from eliminating the need for clothing samples, Browzwear’s true-to-life 3D renderings may be used in the sales process, allowing statistics assembly and decreasing oversupply. Polartec is trying to empower its customers as the world transitions to digital, providing they have the tools they need to continue designing efficiently in the modern day.

Browzwear is a pioneer in the digital apparel revolution, with pioneering 3D solutions for garment design, development, and retailing that are essential to a successful digital lifecycle of a product.

Polartec’s collaboration with Browzwear is part of the company’s ever-expanding Eco-Engineering efforts and continued commitment to making ecologically responsible goods, which has been at the heart of the company for years. From creating the technology of converting post-consumer plastic into performance fabrics to pioneering the use of recycled material across all categories and setting the standard for circular logic, technical innovation combined with sustainability science is the driving factor behind the brand. The first wave will include fourteen different Polartec fabrics in distinct colour palettes, ranging from the next technologies Polartec Delta, Polartec Power Wool, and Polartec Power Grid to insulation technologies Polartec 200 series fleece, Polartec Alpha, Polartec High Loft, Polartec Thermal Pro, and Polartec Power Air. Polartec NeoShell adds weather protection to the collection.

Designs created by Polartec fabric technologies will soon be available for download on a variety of digital design systems.

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