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PDS Limited’s announced Interim Dividend of ₹2.50 per share

Published: November 7, 2022

PDS Limited, the global fashion infrastructure company offering product development, sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain management catering to leading global brands and retailers with a presence in over 22 countries.

The Board of Directors of the Company today has approved an Interim Dividend of ₹2.50 per share. The Company adopted a dividend distribution policy in FY2021. As per this policy, the endeavor of the Company would be to declare a Dividend of at least 25% of the profit after tax in a given year to the shareholders. The record date for determining the entitlement of shareholders for the Interim Dividend has been fixed as 18th November 2022.

The Company reported its first half of FY2022-23 financial results on 2nd November 2022. The consolidated Revenue from Operations of the Company increased by 38% to ₹5,262cr and EBITDA increased by 62% to ₹192cr. The Profit After Tax stood at ₹157cr with a basic EPS of ₹10.03 in the first half of FY2022-23. The Company has announced 25% EPS as a dividend translating into a payout of 125% of the ₹2 per share face value of the equity shares of the Company.

The Company had declared dividends consistently for the last two years, with ₹4.77 per share and ₹3.15 per share declared in FY22 and FY21 respectively (Adjusted for the stock split of the face value from ₹10 per share to ₹5 per share; pre-split the dividend was ₹23.85per share and 15.75 per share for the respective periods mentioned above).

About PDS Limited: (

PDS Limited is a global fashion infrastructure company offering product development, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution for major brands and retailers worldwide. The Company operates a vast global network covering over 50 offices, 22 countries, and over 3,300 associates, and 6,500 factory associates worldwide. The Company reported consolidated revenues of ₹8,828cr in fiscal 2021-22, an increase of 1.8x over the last five years. Further, Profit after tax has increased at a 5-year CAGR of 50%, with a ROCE of 38% in 2021-22.

The Company is listed on the BSE Ltd. (538730) and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (PDSMFL).


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