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Maurices partnership with TCS

Published: September 25, 2020
Author: G.Thulessiraman

Tata consultancy services is a technological service exported. On Thursday, an announcement was made in which TCS declared that it will be building technology infrastructure for US and Canada-based women’s fashion retail chain “Maurices”.

TCS will be in charge for building its greenfield in the IT ecosystem with the intent of optimizing its 200 existing applications and software components within the next 17 months. These duties will be done by TCS as it will be the company’s digital transformation partner. The partnership value was not disclosed.

According to a technology provider, TCS will be helping Maurices build a brand-new data analytics platform and thereby states, “quicker business decisions and faster go-to-market responses to industry or fashion trends.” The project will also include an upgradation of the existing e-commerce platform.

According to Fred Argir, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer of Maurices, “We are creating a greenfield IT and Infrastructure that will lay the foundation for the growth of maurices’ business and operations. TCS being the industry leader has been chosen as our SI partner to implement the Project Split Rock, the initiative to stand-up the IT Ecosystem.”

The two companies have entered into a partnership as Maurices has been putting forward an effort to sustain and fight off the new-age online retailers and dwindling footballs. The fashion retail has been continuing its business through online platforms through e-commerce also they have physical stores in US and Canada

PC Thomas, Head of Retail, North America of S&W, TCS said that, “We are delighted to partner with maurices as they embark on their IT ecosystem transformation. The new resilient, agile, and scalable platform, powered by MFDM and ignio, will help them accelerate innovation, improve customer experience, build competitive differentiation, and fuel future growth.”

Maurices wants to further expand its reach and increase its sales of women’s fashion clothes in the retail section through e-commerce and thus has partnered with TCS.



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