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Marine Serre – Celebrity’s new favorite fashion label

Published: August 4, 2020

Listen up, y’all, we have a new favorite fashion brand. Not only was Marine Serre heavily featured in Beyonce’s Black Is King visual album, the line is also beloved by other major celebs including Adele (who we have no choice but to stan!) and Kylie Jenner—Stormi Webster, too, as a matter of fact.

Seemingly out of nowhere, all the celebs on my feed started swapping their neutral, solid-colored ensembles for fully patterned ‘fits, from bodysuits speckled with crescent moons to dresses drenched in bright yellow zebra print. After seeing a few cute looks, I started to wonder where these designs were coming from. Who was the designer so good, celebs were suddenly abandoning the monochrome, minimalist vibes they’d been working all of 2020 to perfect?

Marine Serre, that’s who. Self-described as a brand combining the best of “French couture shapes, sportswear references and fabrics, and a decisive ecofuturist thematic and vision,” the brand has been around for a few years, and Serre was even awarded the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers back in 2017. The brand is divided into four subdivisions: Borderline, White Line, Gold Line and Red Line. Celebs seem to lean towards White Line, which is the brand’s classic collection.

If I’m honest, Marine Serre first caught my eye when I saw Kylie Jenner and angelic fashionista baby Stormi posing together in matching, fully-patterned outfits. So cute! After Jenner’s post back in March, it seemed even more celebs were getting hip to the brand, rocking a patterned turtlenecks or bodysuits for selfies or full-on catsuits for more dramatic photos.

Now, the brand has reached peak exposure by way of Beyonce’s Black Is King. Bey rocks the finest fashions throughout the visual album, but the Marine Serre looks worn by the queen and her dancers in the “ALREADY” video are truly sublime.

I mean, WOW! Often, celebs will dress down their background dancers so that they can stand out, but Bey makes a statement even when everyone else in the shot is clad in the same crescent moon catsuit. It wasn’t the first time the songstress donned Marine Serre (she wore the black-and-red version of the same look while sitting court-side at the NBA playoffs), but to feature the brand so prominently in this iconic visual album is undeniably a big deal. Like, so big that Adele even copied the look.

In a post praising Bey and Black Is King, Adele is seen crouching beneath her TV, wearing a Marine Serre top to match Bey and her dancers. How freaking cute! And just another reason why this brand is truly one to watch.

If you’re looking for a few pops of pattern to spice up your wardrobe (or even just your mood board), start following Marine Serre ASAP and shop the below to lean into the crescent moon futurewear realness. I guarantee we’ll be seeing this logo a lot when autumn street style hits.

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