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Indroma Ventures Hygiene Group Will Be presenting The Sustainable Suite Of Solutions At FILTECH

Published: February 15, 2023

Indroma Ventures is a global sustainable chemical company which is still committed towards innovative products, supporting customers, and responsibly producing the sustainable products. At the FILTECH, Indorama Ventures’ Hygeine Grouo will be showcasing the wide range of innovative, recycled, biodegradable and sustainable polymer solutions across the fiber and the nonwovens which are the portfolio for filteration media applicants.

They have an expertise in PP, PET, rPET and bicomponent fibers and nonwovens with the lower carbon footprint. This provides a sustainable source of material for the Filtration Media applications. This can also demonstrate the latest product development for offering solutions for

  • Air filteration, cabin filter, industrial media and masks
  • Liquid filteration of food and beverage, waste water treatment and also oil, coolant
  • Ink, blood and industrial process water filteration

The array of fibres and nonwovens offered by Indorama Ventures’ Hygiene Group for Filtration Media Applications includes Flame Retardant, Splittable, Profile, and Bicomponent options. The range’s functionality and properties include optimal fibre shape, crimp, and diameter as well as chemical and thermal stability, triboelectric charging, antibacterial and antiviral activity. Applications for carded, airlaid, and spunlaid technologies are supported by the variety of solutions. The team at Indorama Ventures is excited about the chance to examine how the Hygiene Group’s advances might help customers achieve their sustainability goals at FILTECH 2023.

The CEO of Indorama Ventures Hygiene Group, Shachar Rachim, stated: “Customers now have ambitious goals that they have committed to achieving. Our cutting-edge DejaTMCO2 Neutral line of sustainable products now has carbon neutral alternatives, bringing clients closer to  reaching their goals. By using carbon neutral fibres, our sustainability certifications guarantee the use of high standards for recycled and renewable resources to meet carbon reduction targets.

Avgol®, a market leader in the production of high-performance nonwoven fabrics and a 60% owned subsidiary of Indorama Ventures, will use FILTECH to present its most recent advancements in the usage of the biotransformation technology. According to Avgol CEO Tommi Bjornman, “We have benefited greatly from recent developments in material development, which ensure that such can biodegrade in the open terrestrial environment without forming any microplastics.” We’re excited to show attendees the most recent developments in making meltblown filter components as we reiterate our commitment to assisting clients, consumers, and communities in achieving their sustainability goals.



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