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Published: February 28, 2022

Mumbai, February 28, 2022: Today is the nationwide launch of navyasa by Liva; a contemporary saree brand from the Aditya Birla Group. Deepika Padukone will be the face of this much-awaited creative fashion retail brand. The first four stores launched today are in India’s top cities; Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore that will open doors to a world of artful and fashionable sarees.

Explaining the thought behind the launch of this brand, Mr. Rajnikant Sabnavis, Chief Marketing Officer, Grasim Industries (Pulp and Fibre), said, “Aimed at perceiving sarees as the new “cool” and making it the preferred attire for the modern Indian women, brand navyasa by Liva is coined from navya which means new, and rasa, which is the art of everything we do. With a national brand like ABG and Liva venturing into sarees, I am hoping to see a much larger shift in the perception and adaptability to sarees especially among the younger generation and urban women. The brand is an ode to true contemporary, cosmopolitan Indian women who believe that style is a combination of fashion and comfort.”


navyasa by Liva sarees are fluid, flowy and are made with nature-based fabric Liva. They will allow women to move around with spirited optimism and #freetobe in their element as well as explore life comfortably whether at work, party, lunch or a Cafe.

The collection features ethereal prints and chic styles. Each saree tells a colour-rich story with a modern twist. The unique bold designs and diverse themes are designed to allow style to converge with fashion.  Renowned designers Abir and Nanki, along with the internal design team at Liva have been instrumental in bringing the collection alive.

Talking about the first collection of the brand, Designer Nanki said, “We have taken it upon ourselves to break the social stigma of sarees perceived as dated attire for older women or occasional wear. To alter the misconception of physical barriers associated with it, we havedesigned free form drapes that are subtle yet make a statement encouraging women to push boundaries, blur the edges, and reach a limitless sky. With finesse as its essence, navyasa by Liva is designed to empower women with freedom of expression; enabling adventure, boldness and their vibrant personality with versatile prints.”

Ranging from Rs. 5000-15,000, navyasa by Liva currently offers 17 collections in 5 different varieties of nature based Liva fabrics. There is a saree for each sensibility including printed, embroidered, embellished and woven styles.

Designer Abir added, “It’s easy to get bogged down by the pre-conceived notion of the effort it takes to wear a saree. However, draping those nine yards of elegance can be magical if we allow it to be. Today’s woman wants the saree to feel good, look good and be so comfortable that it feels like second skin. navyasa by Liva does that for the wearer. The nature-based fabrics are extremely breathable. With this launch, I foresee a revolution in Indian fashion as young women will find it very easy to express their sense of fashion through this under-rated beautiful attire called saree. The wide range of bold and vivacious prints will inspire many women to adopt sarees in their wardrobe.”

navyasa by Liva flagship stores are now operational at Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj, DLF Saket in Delhi, Orion Mall in Bangalore and Inorbit Mall in Mumbai.

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