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Gaurav Gupta opens ICW 2020, FDCI

Published: September 18, 2020
Author: SAA-C02 PDF Dumps

India’s first-ever digital fashion show ever, 2020.

on 18th September 2020, evening Gaurav Gupta opened India’s first-ever Digital Fashion show, with celebrating love, he presented a film titled ‘Name is Love’ And the emotion permeated every aspect—from the different love stories to the clothes, that reflected all of Gupta’s personal favorites.

Before the show started 10 mins before Gaurav Gupta came and said about how he created this whole collection and the film behind it which is ” the name is love” he said “Love is what’s kept everyone going. Simple. Pure. Powerful. Love and Hope. It’s what’s ruled my mind space,” Gaurav Gupta says to me about how he’s coped during the past few months.”

In the film/fashion show, there were in total, 50 womenswear looks. 20 menswear looks and 50 pieces of jewelry were all created in an incredibly tight time frame, with Gupta and his team working very hard till the last moment.

As, we all know that Gaurav Gupta is best known for his sculpted garments and shapes, he also always has notes of classicism. He said “I wanted to make it very Gaurav Gupta, everything I love, but I always wanted to discover new palettes and details. There’s this cerise pink, a bright emerald, a sunset orange gown that I just love. The black and whites, are really prompting me to explore doing an entire monochrome collection. We’ve played with organza, voluminous ruffles, our trademark bugle beading, fabric manipulation. It’s a fine balance between couture forms and detailing.”

also, When he said he wants to celebrate love, he also took very organic casting in the whole film, he worked with a young lesbian couple, Anjali and Manauti; an 18-year-old trans-male; model Anjali Lama; jewelry designer Nitya Arora and more. Poet Navkirat Sodhi, who also makes an appearance, provided the musical poetry that serves as the soundtrack.

and in the end, he also spoke, of a thing that is nonavoidable to think about now, the situation the pandemic, and he further said that It’s full of hope, glamour, drama. Quintessential GG. It’s been the most emotional time, getting back to the studio. Getting back our team, our craftsman, and realizing that we could hold on to their talent. It just really reiterates the belief that the power of creativity really comes together, even during the most challenging times.


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