Alvanon, the world’s leading authority on sizing standards for the garment industry, has opened its newest Fit Studio in Milan. According to an IAF report, the Fit Studio, which was launched in collaboration with Italian fashion school Istituto Secoli, will allow designers, fashion brands, and retailers to try on full-form physical mannequins in a safe and private environment, will ensure that their collections achieve the best possible fit for their target demographic.

The Fit Studio will contain a full line-up of the Alvanon standard series, the European Standard fit forms available in men’s and women’s sizes, as well as dedicated design and fit space at Istituto Secoli offices. The studio may be hired by manufacturers that want to test their fit requirements, or it can be utilized by designers who want to practice their abilities on a form that replicates genuine body forms.

Fit Studios have previously opened in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, New York, and Shanghai. For its Milan site, the firm partnered with Istituto Secoli. Alvanon and Istituto Secoli decided to use all proceeds from the Fit Studio for scholarships in order to assist develop future talent.