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Festive Fashion amidst Covid Gloom

Published: August 3, 2020
Author: pprvallv

The festive Indian season is already here. This almost systemic era of the Indian calendar is all about shaadis, shopping and festivals, rather than any other time of the year. The festive season is already started  With Eid on (Aug 1).

It’s a well-known reality, this season is at the top for fashion businesses in India. It’s the period designers are putting out new designs, fresh ideas. The 2020 celebrations are accompanied with a side-order of uncertainty, thanks to Covid dread. Yet planners are dreaming about new ways of bringing the positive vibes.

The Peacocks assures that life will continue to get back to normal after November.  According to Falguni,   people will stay away from being decadent while shopping till everything gets normal.  Bottom line: luxury isn’t a requirement. A shift in fashion is found by designers because consumers don’t like highly embellished clothes. They want one of the cleaner, one diffused clothes for the muted festivities, Shane says.

For example, Sancheti offers an opportunity for the ‘exhausted’ customer to tailor their looks by reducing the amount of work or fabric adjustment, and attempting to be versatile. Designer Nikita Mhaisalkar says more distinct is the festive look of 2020. “The expenditure bracket has been declining, too. A clientele group is more willing to let it out, “she says.

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