The pandemic has made us do nearly everything. From baking banana bread to the viral dalgona coffee, sharing memes to making tik-tok videos. All of us have been sitting in front of our laptops, either attending Zoom meetings or binge watching Netflix and obviously scrolling through social media over a thousand times, adding things to the cart, curling up with a book that we bought years back but couldn’t read because we didn’t get enough time, cooking all sorts of delicacies, painting, journaling and God knows what else. We’ve literally done it all!

Initially when this lockdown started, we all were so focused on the negativity that came along with it that we actually overlooked the positive side of it. So, this article is going to be all about being optimistic and remembering how the entire world came together in these few months (which actually seems like forever now). As much boring as it is to be locked inside our houses and not being able to meet our colleagues and friends, we’ve been taught about a hell lot of things. We’ve got so much time and space for ourselves that we honestly were craving for…time to just sit down with ourselves, introspect, discover ourselves and our hidden talents and also spend time with our pets who’ve been loving to have us around all the time these days. A lot of us even picked up healthy habits like doing yoga, practicing healthy and mindful eating, working out and basically just getting into deep cleansing mode. A lot of us even decided to go back to our hometown and have been enjoying the quality time with our families. Remember when we all came together to celebrate our medical warriors and lit diyas and candles at 8p.m.? The tough times have brought everyone closer! People from all over the world are joining hands to fight this pandemic, showing support to the heroes who’ve been working day and night to save lives, sending love to everyone who lost their loved ones. The bond between people across the horizon has only gotten stronger than ever.


This period of quarantine did not only proved to be a pause for humans but for the planet as well. The Earth has been healing itself in the most miraculous ways. Global air quality has largely improved, nitrogen dioxide pollution has decreased by an average of 40 percent over Chinese cities and 20% to 38% over Western Europe and US during the lockdown. The river water quality of Ganga and Yamuna in India has also increased drastically which is the first time in the last three decades. South Asian river dolphins, which were critically endangered, were spotted near Ganga Ghats of Kolkata. There has been a massive increase in the number of flamingoes seen in Mumbai too.

This shows that a little slowing down and, being grateful and becoming more responsible towards the nature can save it. I’m pretty sure, none of us are going to take each other and our planet for granted once this gets over because it’s the hard times like these that teach the most wonderful lessons. We’ve proved that we really are in this together so here’s to being strong for each other and showing that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

By Vasavi Mehta

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