KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, January 2021 – Volvo Car Malaysia had collaborated with NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NANOTEXTILE) producing the anti-microbial reusable face mask in pursuing sustainability. Mr. Nalin Jain, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia had expressed to embark the project in helping the environment as many surgical masks are being disposed every day that led to environmental pollution. As well, this project was also initiated to help single mothers while engaging with trained vocational graduates from GIATMARA and local artisans to help them earn a sustainable living during the pandemic.

A study was conducted upon designing the face masks, showing that people had a few concerns when wearing a surgical face mask; 1. Cost 2. Waste 3. Allergic reaction 4. Sizing. Hence, this reusable facemask is made to address these problems. They are made up of 100% cotton, soft and washable, enhanced with anti-bacterial, water-repellent, and self-cleaning features on the inside and outside layer, that allows for bacterial and viral protection up to 100 gentle washes.

NANOTEXTILE’s award winning technology has anti-bacterial efficacy that is laboratory tested with the achievement of more than 99.9%. It has resulted in the destruction of possible infection of the fabric by viruses and bacteria and simultaneously decreases the penetration of contaminated droplets in contact. Whilst the mask added five more layers of protection using PM 2.5 filter, which is tested to be 90% effective in viral particle filtration. Thus, it will keep the wearer protected and comfortable even though the mask is worn for a long time.

Undeniably, nanotechnology still faces some challenges in the textile industry. However, as Mr. Nalin strongly believes in the nano-enabled technology, “with more R&D put into it, nanotechnology will be the answer to sustainable textiles.” NANOTEXTILE aims to promote the technical textile continuously with its broad potential of nanotechnologies. The truth is that there is a wide area of nanotechnology invention that is ready for exploitation and market entry such as the demand in the sustainable effort.

Consumers able to purchase the facemask starting 1 February 2021 onwards from all Volvo’s dealerships. As a curated premium item, the face masks are available in 2 sizes, M and L. Varied in 3 colors; dark blue (Sunflower), navy blue (Stargazer), sky blue (Jasmine Flower) and exclusively incorporated with Batik Tekap pattern. Mr. Nalin voiced out, “Batik has always been a pride of our country and we at Volvo Car Malaysia do recognize and embrace local arts and culture.” They believe that it is important to sustaining our Batik heritage.

“Sustainability will always be a journey that allows us to discover layers and interconnections between everything we do and the rest of the world. Sharing our journey and experiences, learning from, and supporting each other, is a key foundation of our organization, and this is no different for the individuals, company, and stakeholders who help us in our businesses,” added Mr. Nalin. With sustainability programs, we should ensure the fabrics are always re-energized by using advanced technology. As the future of sustainability envisioned by Dr. Thomas Ong, the Chief Executive Officer of NANOTEXTILE highlighted, “Nanotechnology supports the movement in the processing part. It provides the technology that adds value and quality to the fabrics, working toward a single vision; a path contributing to sustainability.” Without quality, there will be no sustainability. In the meantime, it is crucial to focus on the technology that can protect our health and hygienic matter.

Volvo Cars is well-known for approaching sustainability principles. They have already taken measures on energy efficiency and pollution reduction at their plants and offices. In short, the all-around initiatives on the facemask’s production; will help the environment and the living continuity of the local community amid pandemics, the sustainability of the textiles as well as our national heritage. Overall, all firms should follow suit in taking steps to ensure that sustainability is practiced.

For more information please visit https://www.volvocars.com/my/volvo-branded-face-mask

About NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NANOTEXTILE)

NanoTextile Sdn Bhd (NANOTEXTILE) was incorporated in 2015, investee company of NanoMalaysia Bhd and the first company in Malaysia to offer wide span of nanotechnology in textile industry. NANOTEXTILE aspires to be an acclaimed textile technology provider to deliver customer-based products that are value-added to keep its clients competitive through better quality and latest technology. NANOTEXTILE has built its business around innovation and specialism with professional services that include end-to-end fabric supply solutions, facilitation of direct to market commercialization of value-added textile, up to functional garments and development of textile technologies with market entry assurance.

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Volvo Cars established its presence in Malaysia in the early 1960s through an independent importer and distributor – Federal Auto Cars, before formally establishing Volvo Car Malaysia in 1999. This culminated to what is Malaysia’s oldest and longest-running vehicle assembly plant, established in Shah Alam in 1967 under the name Swedish Motor Assemblies (“SMA”). Since then, Volvo Car Malaysia has gone from strength to strength and built a network of 14 dealers across the country. In 2016, Volvo Car Malaysia was the first market to locally assemble the XC90 PHEV outside of Sweden, which paved the way for the assembly of other Volvo PHEVs and recharged the brand’s commitment in providing a sustainable and safe driving experience. Volvo Car Malaysia seeks to recharge every aspect of the customer journey under the leadership of its new Managing Director, Nalin Jain. Volvo Car Malaysia sells premium-segment car models in two versions: sedans (S60 and S90) and SUV vehicles (XC40, XC60 and XC90).

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The ‘Volvo’ name is owned by Volvo Trademark Holding AB – a company jointly owned by Volvo Cars and Volvo Group. Since the roll-out of the first Volvo car in 1927 from the Gothenburg production line, Volvo Car Group has established itself as a world-leader in safety, technology and innovation, emerging as one of the most well-known and respected premium car brands in the world. Until 1999, Volvo Cars was part of the Swedish Volvo Group before it was bought by Ford Motor Company. In 2010, Volvo Cars came under the ownership of Zhejiang Geely Holding of China and have since widened its aim to provide customers with the Freedom to Move in a personal, sustainable and safe way. Volvo cars are marketed and sold by regional market companies and national sales companies through approximately 2,300 local dealers in about 100 countries offering premium-segment car models in three versions: sedans (S60, S90), versatile estates (V60, V90) and SUV vehicles (XC40, XC60, XC90).