Studio Gaaba, a production and content communication house that works with brand stories and brand engagements shot Indian ethnic brand Label Varsha’s latest collection showcasing a fascinating concept titled ‘Kashmir to Kerala’.

Label Varsha, founded in 1984 specialises in women’s traditional wear. The collection is timeless and highlights the uniqueness of cultures across the country. Each garment is a unique ethnic treasure. In a time that has divaricated us from everything that we called normal and kept most of us apart from families, the collection gives each culture a warm feeling of being at home. Each piece in the collection is unique to every culture in secular India and has an indigenous feel to it.

The concept of the shoot was incepted, curated and conducted by Studio Gaaba in a manner where a single thread was used to bind together our entire country.

In the video shot by Studio Gaaba for the collaboration, various women belonging to different cultures and living in different parts of the country have donned the pieces. The idea was to bring to the forefront that even though we have geographical boundaries dividing us we are all bound by our values, virtue and the soil we hail from. The video is shot in prominent locations from North India to South India and includes cities like Kashmir, Punjab, Delhi, Kolkata and Kerala. The video shows striking images of Shikara, local bazaars and wide stretched farms. The imagery in the video is simply breath-taking and transports the viewers to the location while keeping the focus on the attires completely.

“Fashion is the one thing that has blurs the lines between cultures and religion. A lehenga is not just for a Punjabi woman, anyone can wear it. Through this collaboration, we wanted to celebrate the diversity and unity of all cultures.” Says Ankit Jain, Founder of Studio Gaaba. “The collection is one of the finest collections and it would look beautiful on anyone. It brings out a certain grace in the women wearing it and it was an honour to be a part of this vision.”