TrusTrace Fuels International Growth with First American Hiring

Published: March 17, 2023

Apurva Bhargava has been appointed to the role of Head of U.S. Operations to further accelerate the company’s growth in the United States.

STOCKHOLM, March 16, 2023 — TrusTrace, a Swedish SaaS company with a market-leading platform for product traceability and compliance for retail and fashion companies, today announced its first U.S.-based hire with the appointment of Apurva Bhargava to Head of U.S. Operations. Bhargava’s location in the U.S. will have a significant impact on TrusTrace’s global operations by enabling the company to strengthen relationships with both new and existing customers in the region.

“Apurva’s versatile background in technology makes him well-suited to lead our growth strategy in the United States,” said TrusTrace CEO & Co-Founder, Shameek Ghosh. “At TrusTrace, we place extremely high value on building strong relationships with customers and providing them with tailored customer service. Apurva’s location will contribute to our success in the market and further reinforce ourselves as a global organization.”

In 2022, TrusTrace gained significant momentum in the U.S., with a quarter of the 223% revenue growth attributed to the region, and projections for the U.S. to account for a third of global revenue at the end of 2023. TrusTrace’s customers are predominantly large fashion brands seeking to more efficiently manage ESG risk and ensure compliance in their large, global and highly complex supply chains, and the majority are located in the U.S. Today, TrusTrace works with 4 of the top 10 largest global footwear brands, 3 of the top 10 global apparel brands, and 1 of the top 10 global luxury fashion brands, with more in closing.

This year, TrusTrace is prioritizing the needs of U.S. brands in light of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), which prompts them to evaluate their suppliers’ potential link to forced labor to facilitate the passing of goods through U.S. ports without Withhold Release Orders (WROs). TrusTrace is planning for more innovation in this space this year.

According to Apurva, TrusTrace is poised for success in the U.S. market. “Ultimately, my presence in the local geography will allow me to immerse myself in relevant local events and conferences to spread the word about what brands are able to achieve with TrusTrace,” he said. “I am eager to further TrusTrace’s mission to build more ethical and sustainable supply chains using AI and blockchain technologies.”

Before joining TrusTrace, Apurva Bhargava held various roles in the technology sector, having most recently served as a Regional Sales Director at HCL America.

TrusTrace is a leader in fashion supply chain traceability, providing 40+ global fashion and retail brands with verified data in real-time, as materials and finished goods move through the supply chain. The technology empowers brands and suppliers around the world to standardize how supply chain and material traceability data is captured, digitized and shared. With all trusted supply chain traceability data stored on a single platform, brands get the right evidence in the right place to substantiate product claims and meet regulatory compliance.

Through its open architecture, the TrusTrace platform integrates seamlessly with retailer, manufacturer and supplier systems, as well as other third-parties, such as certification agencies, lifecycle datasets and other sustainability solution providers. With more than 8,000 suppliers, 250,000 products and over $18 billion worth of goods tracked on the platform, TrusTrace is a business-critical platform for companies who see sustainability as being fundamental to their DNA.

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About TrusTrace

Founded in 2016, TrusTrace offers a market-leading platform for supply chain traceability at scale within fashion and retail, which has quickly become the foundation for some of the most ambitious sustainability programs in the world. It is built on artificial intelligence, blockchain, software bots, and IoT technologies in an open architecture that integrates seamlessly with manufacturer, retailer, and supplier’s existing systems, as well as those of third-party certification agencies and other sustainability solution providers. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with offices in India. Please visit to learn more.

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