This year, the fall fashion trends were rather exceptional.

I guess there’s no denial that 2020 was (still is) one of the most unusual years we’ve experienced in the last decade.

The freakishness has spilt all over, especially in the world of fashion.

Thankfully, fashion has seen a healthy mix so far, as you’ll see from what follows.

Fall Fashion Trends – Influencing Factors

Because of COVID-19 lockdown, we’re also seeing digital fashion attempting to break through this year.

Digital influencers, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and wearable tech are fashionable once again.

We’ve also seen the rise of eco-friendly and vegan materials, as a way to slow down the climate crisis and push the industry on a sustainable path.

But, above all, we’re seeing the revival of retro styles, as forms of protest to the unknown of this year.

Without further delay, here are the top 5 fall fashion trends that continue to make 2020 so exciting.

5. ‘Vintage Survival’ Trend

Windbreakers, bell bottoms, high-waisted pants and flare dresses are brought back reinvented into whimsical and modern styles.

Moreover, according to Heart My Closet, vintage pinup dresses, in particular, are leading the retro-revival trend.

The idea behind the ‘Vintage-Survival’ trend is to show the looming end of 2020 does not matter to you.

To you, there’s nothing to celebrate; you’re secure, smooth, relaxed, all inside-out.

4. ‘Maximum Colour’ Trend

We’ve seen, over the last five years, top fashion designers opting for neutral colours.

However, these safe, calm, and soothing colours no longer match the madness of this year.

Right now, most popular fall fashion trends require bright and bold colours.

The ‘Maximum Colour Output’ trend combines the brightest and loudest colours out there.

Vibrant and neon colours, in particular, are rocking the fashion scene this fall.

In some way, this trend is your way of sticking the finger up, to the gloomy year of 2020.

But, you can also use it as a way to express your joy and happiness to be still alive.

3. ‘Dramatic Prints’ Trend

In apparent contradiction to the bright and happy colour trend, there’s the ‘Dramatic Prints’ trend.

On tops, bottoms, jackets and even suits, these dramatic prints express the end of the world, in various forms and types.

Inspired by the Japanese streetwear culture, these dramatic prints are used as the statement pieces right now, at the end of 2020.

If hesitant to place alien skull prints on your suit, try small additions to give your outfits that extra trendy push.

Remember, these are just the fall fashion trends of 2020 that, hopefully, won’t stick around for the next year.

Well, not unless some evil aliens land on earth this winter.

But if that’s the case, who’s going to be the trendiest person in town?

2. ‘Primal Instinct’ Trend

This trend is the return to our origins.

Arguably, we’re better-adapted chimps, on a spinning rock, in the vast universe.

Therefore, this trend is a call back to faux fur, animal Spots, stripes, and printed scales.

Called ‘Primal Instinct’, this trend is going strong on the streets (and the runways) right now.

Moreover, feel free to choose and mix any other animal kingdom motifs you like.

Go with leopard print shoes, zebra stripes jacket, and a snake print bag.

The best part about this trend and the next one? Men are embracing them too.

1. ‘Chunky Shoes’ Trend

Now, onto the biggest fall trend of 2020, the chunky shoes look.

Heels, platforms, and even sneakers have all been touched by this unique trend.

As a result, so far we’ve seen some ultra-cool creations that have changed the general consensus of how fashion should look.

As of right now, chunky shoes have become the best accent pieces you can wear to stand out.

Moreover, in the grand scheme of ‘fall fashion trends of 2020, chunky shoes are an excellent match with any of the ensembles we’ve put together above.


Author: Rajkap