ThirdLove, the third largest e-commerce women’s lifestyle brand in the US, has announced the introduction of the brand’s new interactive online fit quiz called, The Fitting Room. The Fitting Room is the next iteration of ThirdLove’s original ground-breaking Fit Finder quiz and helps customers find the best fit of curated bra and underwear options.

The new Fitting Room provides experiential moments for customers with innovative 3D animations, friendly educational content, and style preferences that result in a personalised selection of products. ThirdLove paved the way in Fit Technology, offering one of the very first online consumer fit quizzes, which revolutionised the way women could shop for bras from the comfort of their home. Since launching ThirdLove’s original Fit Finder quiz in 2016, more than 17.6 million women have used Fit Finder to find a bra that best fits their body, resulting in over 100 million fit insights, which the brand leveraged in product development decisions including its half-cup and 80 sizes that it has developed, according to ThirdLove.

Built to be fun and engaging, the Fitting Room takes into account the user’s individual needs; including lifestage, body changes, and fit issues. The Fitting Room guides the user through a series of interactive questions that result in a personalised size recommendation and a variety of bra and underwear styles based on their preferences. This one-of-a-kind technology uses 3D rendering and animations while guiding users with positive affirmations and a little bit of humour. After initial answers are logged, users can continue utilising the platform to refresh their top drawer, with an option to confirm sizes and skip to conditional and style-related questions, based on previous responses, ThirdLove said.

“We created ThirdLove to provide a positive alternative to the traditional in-person bra shopping experience, in hopes of eliminating the frustration that often comes with trying to find your correct size. We’re proud to continue to be a pioneer in the industry, launching the next generation of Fit Technology with 3D designs that transform the way you can shop for bras and underwear online,” Heidi Zak, co-founder and CEO of ThirdLove said in a press release.

“While we received a terrific response from our original Fit Finder quiz, we learned that our customers are craving a more visual and engaging fitting process, which served as the catalyst for the advanced Fitting Room platform. Since finding the right style is just as important as finding the perfect fit, we redesigned the Fitting Room experience to emulate a personalised in-store fitting session, in which we can both recommend appropriate sizes, and share products and styles from new categories, as we continue to expand offerings and grow the business into a lifestyle brand,” Ra’el Cohen, co-founder and chief creative officer of ThirdLove said.