Online search platform Stylight has released a sportswear report detailing which styles and products were trending this year.

The platform registered a 55 percent increase in clicks on sportswear in 2020 compared to 2019. Due to Covid-19, there was a 300 percent spike in clicks on yoga, as people in lockdown looked at the activity for its stress relief and health benefits. Running showed a 41 percent increase and hiking showed an 18 percent increase.

Return of the retro trends

There was a 236 percent increase in clicks for retro athleisure due to its bright hues, flashy logos and the rise of 90s staple sportswear brands like Champion, Ellesse and Fila.

The colour “Tangerine Tango”, named by Pantone, is as joyful sounding as it looks; the shade can be seen everywhere in athleisure right now from leggings, sports bras and logo detailing. Stylight saw a 435 percent Increase in clicks for bright tangerine sportswear in 2020.

Tie dye, with a 1,000 percent increase in clicks, is a clear favourite for 2020. The style beloved by Generation Z has taken over fashion and sportswear looks.

This year saw an 619 percent increase in clicks when it comes to cropped training jackets, the light-weight style is perfect for the summer with brands from high-performance to urban-wear bringing their take on the trend.

Most popular running shoes

When it comes to running shoes, Stylight’s users prefer models with specific designs to meet their needs and are willing to invest: the average price of their top 150 running shoes is 109 dollars.

The most popular being the Asics’ models: the unisex Contend 6 GS is the most popular which is perfect for beginners, followed by the Gel-Sonoma 4 GTX designed for users in difficult terrains and mountain trails. In third is Puma’s Speed 300 Racer, specially designed for high intensity running.

Top clicked sports bras

Having the right sports bra is just as important as wearing the correct shoes when playing sports. Depending on the workout, users require certain types of products. For yoga, a consumer would opt for high comfort. However, for a high intensity workout, a running bra with support functions would be the best option.

The number one clicked bra is a multi-sport bra by UK brand Shock-Absorber, followed by a low-support sports bra by Nike, the Indy Logo bra. The third most popular being the on-trend Nobu Energy bra by sportswear brand, Koral.

The data in this report is based on the analysis of the purchasing behaviour of Stylight’s 12 million monthly users across its international platforms. The time frame selected for the analysis was from 1 January, 2020 to 21 July, 2020, and then compared to the same time period in 2019.