Lance Victor Moore began designing face masks back in 2016 – though the San Francisco-based designer received national attention just this week after Lady Gaga wore his masks at the MTV Video Music Awards.
He first designed masks for a fellow designer who wanted something “dynamic” to go with her clothing line during New York’s Fashion Week. “From there it snowballed and I’ve been making masks since then, for art pieces,” he said.

His masks combine the art and fashion with protection against COVID-19, equipped with a two layers of cotton and room for a sheet inside.

“I think masks are interesting in the fact that it’s something you can put on, that anyone could put on, that instantly allows you to to put on a different persona,” he said.

He says masks have the power to change the way a person feels.

“But if you put on a mask, it allows you to obscure a part of your face, but also change it into something that you want just by their design,” he said.
The San Francisco designer said there’s a lot history behind mask-wearing.

“It was a way of people allowing themselves to let loose and still have fun or to also make a statement and be you know, one with a spirit animal,” Moore said. A lot of his inspiration comes from nature, he said. He said since Lady Gaga wore his designs at the awards show, he’s gotten a “big rush” on masks.

“We are excited and very, very grateful,” he said.

Lady Gaga wore two masks designed by Moore on Sunday’s award show, one with horns and another appearing as both a mask and a crown.