The fashion trends of today are breaking the set barriers of what we once considered to be the ‘Rules of Fashion’. A Change isn’t a Revolution as such, it is a step ahead.  The momentum and the vision of a fashion revolution have been brought to life by a brand called “Minus One Lifestyle.” Minus One is a concept that is out-of-the-box. They have an amazing pre-launch offer going on! Incentives are being given to everyone even before their launch. It’s like the trailer is as recompense as the full release. Check out their website and find out about their referral proposals. All one has to do is refer and  Subscribe to their website and refer it to their friends further. Especially the ones who will resonate with the revolution that Minus One is trying to bring. For every referrals milestone crossed, customers can earn credits starting from 1000. These credits can be used to purchase from their line of products once they go fully live. There are also some unique free goodies for the referral efforts like merchandized key chains, Swiss knives, and laptop sleeves.
The GenZ today wants to be free. And rightly, so! They are born in the smart era. An era that is modern, futuristic, and innovative. They are not the ones to get stuck in the rules and rut of things. They are very passionate about everything yet they want everything in a casual set-up; just like their relationships. These traits are highly visible in their choice of lifestyle as well. The GenZ today wants to shake things up and they are not scared of experimenting. We’re talking experiments that range from the style of governance to the style of their pants.

They take their fashion very seriously but at the same time they don’t want to compromise on their comfort and yet again aesthetics are of great importance too. And all this coupled with some innovation and the latest trends is what gives the definition of a GenZ’s fashion sense. Minus One has seamlessly captured this newly evolving mindset in their product. A brief glance over their social media handles produces the effect of something that is extremely contemporary in nature. The whole element glides over the idea of evolving fashion. A brand, that peruses over the origination of fashion and different chapters in the world of fashion. The philosophy takes into consideration The Rise of the First Class in the universe of fashion. The evolution and revolution of fashion from the stone age to the discovery of the first Fashion Designer led to the collateral ascent of the first-ever Fashion Model to the first-ever Fashion Week in the world. In broader terms, this was the loom of fashion bestowed upon the creative forces scattered in different parts of the world who gave us the glamour and shimmer of the concept of fashion. Minus One creates the same impact as a brand that the first ones did. Minus one seems to be bringing in the same innovation and revolution in the world of fashion with their line of products.

Fashion is a lot about creativity and creativity should not and cannot bind one into fashion taboos. Their idea seems to go by the same principle of giving the people something completely out-of-the-box. Something, which offers them full Freedom! The odd-even is not just a solution to control traffic jam issues. An odd-even waistline is a long due, technical and real fashion problem. A problem conveniently sidelined during the mass production of pants, jeans, etc by mainstream commercial fast fashion brands. The falling economy is a national issue and falling pants are a fashion issue. What to do? Break free! Find your Freedom. Minus one seems to have rendered the much-needed fashion solutions- Smart looking and smart-sounding. And owning a belt is definitely not the way they look at it. Well, because belts are additional, unwanted, unnecessary, expensive, and certainly not an innovative solution. In fact, with what they’re about to launch in the market, they are harping on discarding the use of belts. Minus One aggressively goes on to just say Kill the Belt. It’s a never-seen-before pre-launch offer in the line of fashion apparel.