Textile trends for spring summer 2021 have the concept of more is more. The more you express, mix and combine the better. Wow prints, patterns, colours and textures. So, forget the word minimalistic, simple and easy.

Ocean inspiration

All the blue shade with mixture of the patterns that comes unexpected from the dying. Going back to old traditions using indigo dying. Capturing the intense feeling of the ocean.

Enigmatic indigo is theme where you can reuse fabrics to later then dye it in different shade and patterns, for example denim, silk, linen.

Denim indigo dying

Indigo dying

Indigo dyed pattern

Stone & Grey is back

Marble and stone theme are one theme that do come back. 2021 textile is about recreating. Keeping the same shade of grey in new and improved ways. The textures of this season spring summer marble and stone has not been seen before.

From the marble and stone comes the depth of the pattern. The fabrics are made out of high twisted crepe or mocha.

Marble effect

Marble pattern dress

Stone effect


Digital ombree´ is a softer more elegant version of the bright and bold colour themes. The fabrics give a luxury sense from light silk. With draped textures we get more subtle patterns. Keeping the wow effect of “more is more” by colour code combinations.

Digital Ombree pattern

Draped texture


Handmade & eco dying textiles

  • Pretty pigment 

Pretty pigment is soft natural pastel shades by eco dying the fabrics. The imperfection and unevenness make it even more beautiful. Using avocado stone for dying or jute fibres that is produced with 50 percent less water waste. It can be an ecological option like this or using another theme called surreal sheers.

  • Surreal sheers

Surreal sheers are inspired by the movement of fabrics, digital influence. Receiving the actual feeling of physical movement by ombree´ fabrics, nylon or chiffon. Woven craft is an interesting twist that is standing out this season. Cool handmade fabrics that is transformed by basket details, braided yarns for an extra feeling. None of the patterns are the same because each piece has a significant touch.

Pigment dyeing

Pigment inspiration

Surreal sheers


Raw shimmer

Raw shimmer represents a different story for this season spring summer. Usually shimmering surfaces and textures are created. Glitter, sparkle and beads. Spring summer do not show shimmer in this way.

It is about the depth of the fabric. 2021 is about cherishing the actual thread. The concept is beautiful. The surface sparkle is gone and geological patterns and prints are made from the actual thread. Shimmery threads are weaved together to form a shimmery fabric.

Raw shimmer

Shimmer inspiration

Shimmer threads

Article by- Sneha Savla