Now, the sparkling diamonds manufactured in Surat will reach virtually to its customers across the globe in times of coronavirus pandemic that has put travel restrictions across nations.

To extend the limits of diamond trading in the new normal, industry’s first virtual diamond trade show has been organised by Surat-based Dharmanandan Diamonds Private Limited (DDPL) where the buyers will get a unique experience of viewing and inspecting the diamonds through virtual remote product inspection mode, which will give buying experience similar to buying physically.

According to the company, this is the new technological development with the sole aim to upgrade retailers and revolutionise the way diamonds are purchased in the post-Covid 19 world.

In the virtual trade show to be held on June 22, the company will allow the buyers in any part of the world to inspect each and every diamonds virtually from 360 degree angles. The technology, which is developed in-house, allows the buyers to view all minute details about the diamonds including the inclusions, carats, weight etc. The firm will use high resolution cameras to provide high definition quality video to the buyers sitting anywhere in the world.