For more than 25 years, Supreme has been painting the town red. Of course, that town is none other than New York City, where the streetwear label opened its first store in SoHo, in April 1994. The location of many an around-the-block line of superfans, that shop has become a downtown institution and emblematic of the brand. “New York is synonymous with Supreme—when you hear the name, you automatically envision their signature white-on-red palette,” says Pat McGrath, who has joined forces with Supreme for its first-ever beauty collaboration. 

What’s on deck for the streetwear label’s debut foray into makeup? “An iconic red, embodied in the ultimate matte lipstick,” says McGrath, who created a special “Supreme” shade of her cult-favourite MatteTrance formula. The cool blue-red is housed in McGrath’s now iconic gold bullet emblazoned with a set of gold lips, and punctuated by Supreme’s red-box-and-white-lettering logo.

The launch date for the lipstick has yet to be announced, but as the logo-mania craze continues, it’s sure to be an instant sellout. The shiny, scarlet tube goes beyond a coveted collector’s item: In this challenging time, let’s not forget that red lipstick has been a timeless tool for feeling uplifted and powerful. Whether you’re a hypebeast or not, Supreme and Pat McGrath Lab’s bold red bullet has universal appeal.

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