// Street styling //

1.We’ve picked up a pastel green V-neck front buttoned strappy top for a casual day out or well, in times of quarantine, A day in ! The buttons on the front give a little detailing to the top.

2. Now if you have to sit for a casual chit chat session with your colleagues or friends, pick your favourite pair of baggy jeans or even mom jeans would do wonders with this outfit. ( If you want, you can fold the hem too!)

3. Incase you want to just chill at home and not wear jeans, you can go for a pair of white culottes for a perfect summer look.

4. The best part about V-necklines is that you can wear layered necklaces or a single coin necklace for a beautiful touch to your outfit. This tip can be really useful for girls who have a smaller bust bcs well, Kendall Jenner once said “ If you got a small bust, that just means you got more space for diamonds.” Listen to the queen ladies! Always listen to the queen !

5. Tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun with a cute white scrunchie, wear some rings and we all know ,one can never go wrong with hoops.

6. Also, put on some cute slip-ons and you’re are good to go…(to your living room duh. Don’t go out people)






By Vasavi Mehta


(Picture Credits: Google images)