/Style it on with FVC// ♥️Sporty Yet Classy – Gameover ♥️

• A Red V Neck Tank top paired with Grey Joggers with elastic at the hem.

•Accessories – 1. Layered Gold Neck Ornaments.

2. Red Supreme Trainers (Tip – The colour or upper wear and your shoe should be alike)

3.Golden Chain Necklace as it looks dope.

4. A perfect nail with an aesthetic nail art completes the look.

5. The vintage glasses truly with compliment the look.

6. Scrunches and Clips has Hair accessories. (Tip – Tie it up in a messy bun and apply the clips and both the side)

• Some Netflix and Chill or a casual look to sit on screen for your webinars and seminars !🙊♥️ Dont worry we shall rock this look after quarantine together with #friendstimeout or #shoppingtime.

Till then stay safe at home ! Happy Quarantine! Stay Tuned♥️

Look Styled by – Sukanya kandarkar, intern at Textile Value Chain

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